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In Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked I learned of the origin and purpose of existence. However, although I traced the development the Root-Races through Egyptian and Mesopotamian history, it was not until the second part of this thesis that I discovered how the Divine plan operated within historical periods.  Click to Read the Intro
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(Thesis-2nd Quarter) FULL CIRCLE THE MYSTERIES UNCLOAKED GLOBE D —Fullness of Time
SECTION Fullness Of Time 1994 - 2010

Sixteen years ago, Craig and I left the Holy Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem with no real clue as to what the future held. Initially we thought we would immediately shout the news of what had happened from the rooftops, so to speak. However, we quickly realized that God wanted us to fully understand what happened before we announced it to the world. After writing our story in My Lost Love, we realized that we were ill-equipped to explain it; there were so many aspects that did not fit in with our conception of the Second Coming.


Looking back I’m amazed at my naiveté and just how much I had to learn about the Divine Realm and its interaction with us. The only relevant thing either of us knew in 1994 concerned reincarnation, in that multiple individuals had returned at this time to assist in disseminating the Divine Plan. The problem is that we did not know the “plan” and therefore could not disseminate it. First of all we needed to discard all preconceived ideas in regard to spirituality. It was then that I was shown I would share this journey with the world in Love the Common Denominator: My Journey to the Truth. We started with fairly traditional writings on the Second Coming thinking that they were accurate, but our hearts told us that something was wrong about their concept of Armageddon.

The first thing that had puzzled us about that day was our reaction at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The room with the so-called “star” marking the exact place of Jesus’ birth had left us unmoved. To say the least this was a little disconcerting and if it had not been for my strange connection with the Italian man in that room and later in Jerusalem, the whole experience would have been instantly forgettable. No popular books containing the understanding of the Second Coming provided any answers and it was not until we read excerpts from ancient Christian sources that we understood our non-reaction in Bethlehem. The “Immaculate Conception” on the date 25th of December was a myth the early Church constructed to connect Jesus with Mithra to gain pagan converts. Once we ascertained the need to question our accepted understanding, it opened us up to Divine guidance and led us to the Gnostics.


We first learned of the Gnostics from reading The Other Bible, which Craig had bought several years earlier. This informative book contains Christian writings that were not sanctioned by the Church. I cannot remember exactly how or when, but in the course of our study we ran across a reference to the Secret Doctrine. Intrigued, we decided to try and find a copy. After learning that the Secret Doctrine is a trilogy of books written by Madame Helena P. Blavatsky we obtained a copy. Its contents blew our minds and at the time we did not really comprehend what we were reading. However, it created an urgency to read other material written by her and led us to her Isis Unveiled. In the meantime I had begun a guided study of Anthropology, Paleontology and Ancient Archeology. All of this in turn led to my reviewing the Bible from an objective perspective. Two authors and their books opened my eyes to accepted opinions on the subjects. They were Graham Hancock and his Fingerprints of the Gods and The Sign and the Seal and Immanuel Velikovsky’s Earth in Upheaval, World’s in Collision and Ages in Chaos. Over the next four years I became a prolific reader; some of the books I read with Craig and some I read on my own.
I was guided to understand that every book I was led to held valuable information, some books would hold new information and others confirmed what I had already learned. The strange thing was that even books that contradicted much of my growing thesis contained nuggets of gold that enhanced my understanding. Throughout the process, I discussed my discoveries with Craig and he helped me by providing his technical viewpoint on the data. However, what neither of us realized in those early years was that the information imparted in Love the Common Denominator: My Journey to the Truth (LCD) was only the tip of the iceberg in our understanding.

Over the next four years, I continued to gather data and began compiling the first two volumes of LCD, and then in the summer of 1998 we were guided to take a cruise to Mexico. On the cruise we ran into a very spiritual man that introduced us to the benefit of crystals. This was crucial as in the next 10 years crystals would play a large part in understanding spiritual energy. Interestingly, when we returned we did not keep in touch with the man and I went back to studying and writing LCD.


In 1999, we were moved to seek out a psychic for a reading. I was familiar with psychic readings as I had a client who was an excellent medium in the UK. In fact it was her unsolicited message from the spirit world that led to my being in Saudi Arabia where I met Craig. At my reading with Hermione, both Craig and I made a strong connection with her and she later suggested we attend a shamanic class, which we did. It was during a shamanic journey that I was shown a vision of what happened on April 4th 1994. I watched the scene from above as a cloud beneath me opened up and I saw myself lying prostrate on the ground in the Holy Sepulchre Church. Craig was by my side cradling my head. As I watched a bright spot emerged in the middle of my back and spread out over my entire body. Then it reversed, becoming a bright spot again. Suddenly it exploded into a sunburst of brilliant particles of light that filled the room as they streamed off from my back in all directions. As the scene filled with light I could no longer see any details of the scene. At the time I was shown the vision, I did not fully understand what I was seeing. Today, I understand.
Looking back, every detail of the entire experience that afternoon in Jerusalem is seared into my memory. We knew that in order for people to understand we needed to somehow show them what I was shown visually. However, when Craig and I tried to recreate what happened for the website we had a major problem; no matter how hard I tried I could not make my body propel itself forward face first onto the floor, while at the same time thrusting my arms out from my body. This was despite the fact that we were recreating the vision in our living room and I was on a thick-piled carpet; not a hard marble floor.
Craig had recounted to me of his experience in the Holy Sepulcher that it was if something pulled me from my chest, because I did not even try to break my fall. If he had not reacted so quickly to get his hand under my head, I would have smashed face first into the marble floor. At the very least I would have had a huge golf-ball on my forehead, but neither Craig nor I was hurt in any way. After repeatedly trying to replicate my movements in Jerusalem, I realized that it is impossible for a person to not instinctively protect the face in a fall. I guess this was the first time I felt the certainty that I was pulled. I know that sounds strange, but on that day I was operating from a different place and was being directed by a supernatural force.

In the previous “upstepping”, I said that the discovery of Chiron signified The Universal Christ descending into the lower plane in preparation for His entry into the mass consciousness. However, the word “descend” misrepresents how He entered the lower plane. A more accurate description would be The Christ slowed His vibration down in order to resonate with the vibration of the Astral Plane. On April 4th 1994 The Universal Christ slowed His vibration even more in order to resonate with my body, which He used as a doorway to enter the mass consciousness of the world. Initially, we did not think the Gospels spoke of our experience in Jerusalem. However, as our consciousness expanded and we began to see the different levels in the Scriptures, we realized that much of what Jesus spoke of was allegorical. It was this realization that led us to the scripture we believe is referencing The Universal Christ’s return. The breakthrough occurred while reviewing the visual recreation of the Jerusalem event. I was struck by the similarity of the explosion of light from my body to streaks of lightning. It was then I was reminded of the verse in Matthew that warns Jesus’ disciples to not look for him:

Then if any man shall say unto you; Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not…Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the dessert; go not forth: behold he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Matthew 24:23, 26, and 27

Logically speaking, how else might Jesus describe the Internet relaying the vision of the energetic return of The Universal Christ instantly all over the world? Another very important lesson Craig and I have learned in our journey was that spiritual knowledge is disseminated appropriately to the consciousness at the time. 2000 years ago, television would have seemed miraculous and there is absolutely no way anyone could have grasped instant global communication; hence the need to use allegories and metaphors.

THE 777,000’S ROLE

Throughout this thesis, I have spoken of the “Light of Truth’s” purpose to bring the Truth to Humanity and the “Shadow of Deception’s” determination to prevent that. I have also constantly related the importance of a critical mass of 777,000 individuals that would transform the world. Despite the resetting of the Baby Boomers and the consequence of the lowering of the consciousness, The Universal Christ’s re-entry into the consciousness facilitated the inspiration for them to begin their mission on earth.
Before I continue, I need to say a few things about the 777,000 individuals that will transform the world. I said in the beginning of this thesis that every person born between 1945 and 1983 are potential members. However, it is only those born after August 22nd 1945 that qualify. This is because of the atom bomb being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 6th and 9th respectively, which is in the sun-sign of Leo. The Baby Boomer generation could not begin incarnating until the astrological energies had changed, which they did when they entered the sign of Virgo. I am sure I don’t need to repeat the spiritual importance of Virgo. Another change is that every one who will be the spiritual age (21) of decision by December 21st 2012 are also potential members. The reason for the change is because of the dynamic nature of spirituality. As will be shown every thought, emotion and decision affects the nature of reality and consequently plans have to be changed. I think that the several adjustments the “Light” has needed to make throughout history are evidence of the dynamic nature of spirituality.
One of the most obvious questions concerning the 777,000 is does the Bible mention them? The answer is yes it does, but it only mentions the 144,000 that become the guides of the Human Race. I discussed the role of the 144,000 in Spiritual Evolution Part Two as traveling the path between Tiphareth and Chesed to go through Daath. Without going into it too deeply here, I have selected the most relevant portions below:

“In the vision, I said that the bulk of Humanity (the two thirds of the Human Race that include 633,000 of the 777,000) passes through Daath to Globe E, but what about the rest? Understanding came when I learned that two Seraphim or fiery serpents guard Daath. I discovered that the small number of individuals that go through Daath is referred to in Revelation as the 144,000, but where do they go? To answer this, I need to refer you back to the diagrams B1, B2 & B3 in The Relevance of the Doctrine of Rounds and Root-Races Today, shown below.

AWFN14FOT-1In all three diagrams, the seven planetary rounds are in alignment with each other, displaying that the goal is to return to Spirit, symbolized by the Sun. To recap: The Life Principle evolves through countless cycles of evolution. It has already passed through all seven globes, seven times of the mineral, plant and animal stage. According to esoteric teaching, the Life Principle has now evolved to the fourth globe of the fourth round. This is referred to as Globe D of the fourth Earth planetary round. Ordinarily the Life Principle would simply pass from the human stage of Globe D, to the super-human phase of Globe E when enough souls are spiritually and intellectually ready. However, at this stage there is a special shortcut available for those who have given up all concepts of separateness. This is shown in the diagrams above. Diagrams B1, B2 & B3 clearly show on each planetary round that Globe D is in direct alignment with the center, Sun or Spirit, and this is vital. The knowledge of a path directly to Spirit has been handed down through the generations, in the guise of symbols, such as the Hebrew language, Kabbalah and Tarot. It all concerns the non-Sephirot Daath.
As already stated, Daath is the interface between the macrocosm and the microcosm. When the two trees in my vision merge, the only card seen in Daath is card 3 – The Empress. At this level, The Empress represents The Holy Spirit. Recalling that the Hebrew letter assigned is Daleth, which means Door, also shows the main role of Daath in Spiritual Evolution…The Sun is the end-point to the Planetary Rounds, and Globe D directly connects to The Sun. Of course this is not the literal sun of our Solar System, but the Spiritual Sun behind it…
When the two trees merge, Daath is in the position between Chokmah and Binah, which in English translate into Wisdom and Understanding. The Kabbalists believed that Yod Heh Vav Heh represented the four elements. Accepting Yod or Kether as Air, the two Heh’s can be seen as representing Shin or Chokmah as Fire and Mem or Binah as Water. This would make Vav Daath represent Earth. Is it a coincidence that Vav, which means nail, is between the two Heh’s linking them together?
AWFN14FOT-2 Dion Fortune informed us that eventually Daath “conjoins” again with Chokmah and Binah. It seems that Daath’s role is to “upset” the status quo. Surprisingly, it is through “balancing” and not disruption that “upsets” the status quo.1 I saw it as Daath in her role as the Holy Spirit drives Humanity to spiritually evolve…
As I said, when the Tree of Reason and the Tree of Truth merge into the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding, it is The Empress alone that represents Daath. It is important to remember that at the highest level, The Empress equates to The Holy Spirit…
But what happened to card 17 – The Star? It doesn’t appear anywhere on the combined trees. An important clue is in The Star being assigned to the sun-sign Aquarius. Also Daphna Moore in The Rabbi’s Tarot relates that The Star is an aspect of The Empress. So connecting both The Empress and the sun-sign Aquarius to Daath is another way of confirming that the major shift in Spiritual Evolution takes place under the influence of the Age of Aquarius...
Returning to my vision, it is once the small percentage, symbolized by the 144,000 has passed through Daath, that the Serpent of Wisdom emerged through Kether, how can this be? By their returning to Spirit, they restart the link between the worlds, enabling those that follow to evolve to the next level. This was evinced when in my vision; I saw the serpent open its mouth to swallow its tail. Then the entire serpent became corporeal: solidly linking both trees and creating a pathway between the worlds."

In point of fact when Revelation speaks of the Bride of Christ, or the Body of Christ it is referring to the 777,000 individuals. The Christian Church has identified itself as the Bride or Body of Christ, but as there are so many denominations today, which one is anybody’s guess. It is true, when the early Christian writer of Revelation spoke of the Bride of Christ, he had in mind the followers of Christ, but at the time the followers of Jesus were the Gnostics.
What is important to keep in mind is the dynamic nature of spirituality and the fact that although the writers of Scripture believed they were writing for their time, often their message was meant for a future time. One of the most important lessons Craig and I learned was that the Scriptures had multiple levels of interpretation. This was used by the initiates of the Ancient Mysteries of which Jesus and others spoke of and is demonstrated in the Gospels when Jesus explains to the disciples that he speaks plainly to them and only in parables to the masses. Initiates in The Mysteries always guarded the sacred knowledge from those who would profane or misuse it. In this way the knowledge has been handed down throughout the ages for us to discover at the proper time when we have spiritually evolved.
Speaking of the initiates of the Ancient Mysteries, it is they who are the 777,000 born at this time and will apply the sacred knowledge to the transformation of the world. As I understand it this is the true purpose of this thesis. Because of the Spiritual Rules, when a soul incarnates it generally forgets all it has learned from his or her previous lives. However, because this is the Fullness of Time that knowledge has been made available through this thesis and the Know Thyself Initiative. Anyone who was an initiate will resonate to what is written and it will begin the process of their awakening to their mission. Each member of the 777,000 has their own unique contribution; Craig’s and mine are to gather and bring the information to the world.


I learned of how my body could be used as a door in 2000, but before I get to that I want to address the reason The Universal Christ re-entered the world as energy and consciousness. More than 50% of the world’s population is expecting a physical return of their respective Messiah and to be honest when Craig and I began our journey on April 4th 1994, we too had seen the Second Coming as the physical return of Jesus Christ. However, since then we realize that it would be impossible for any Messiah to return, because of the nature of the human race and the advances in technology. Lets consider what would happen if Jesus chose to return in person to his followers. The first question would be “which followers”? There are hundreds of churches and denominations today, which all claim to be the “True Church.” Whichever “church” or denomination he chose every other one would immediately denounce him as the anti-Christ. Even if he tried to prove who he is by performing miracles, because so many incredible things can be simulated, the public is naturally skeptical. No the only way he could return was energetically in secret to connect with his followers sub-consciously and awaken them to their mission.
Awakening people to their mission is no easy task, as there are many pitfalls on the journey to the Truth. Most people waver between the hypnotic allure of this life and an aching need for purpose, which interferes with the “Light’s” ability to interact with them and lead them to the sacred knowledge of the Ancient Mysteries. Because the dissemination of this knowledge will change the status quo, the “Shadow” has and will work tirelessly to stop people from learning the Truth. One of the means is to encourage their egos and counterfeit spirits to believe they alone can save the world, or are in some way more special than everyone else. Craig and I have continually come across people who have been duped into a kind-of messiah mentality and have in fact been influenced to give out wrong; in some cases dangerous information. One of the most dangerous is the belief that an alien race will somehow save the world. Whenever, we came across anything that suggested that something outside ourselves could “save” us, we were always reminded of Jesus’ words that the “Kingdom of God is within us.” The “Shadow” would like nothing better than for human beings to look to the skies, either as Heaven or UFOs rather than within, because the true power is within us.


In 1999 there was still a lot we did not understand about our experience in Jerusalem, but our understanding was about to grow in leaps and bounds. The catalyst occurred through visiting a metaphysical store that summer. At our last shamanic class, Hermione introduced a friend who had decided to visit her out of the blue. The man was a skilled investigator of the Rider Waite Tarot deck and had produced an instruction video for study. Coincidently, I was reading material that discussed the importance the ancients put in symbols and how that practice was carried into the symbolism in the Tarot cards. Realizing that the video might help with my study, we asked him where we could purchase a copy. He informed us that he had only brought two copies and left them in two stores, one local and one in the next town. Unable to procure one locally, I called the other store and asked them to hold it for me.
Craig and I went to the metaphysical store that weekend. We related how this meeting led to our taking on our spiritual center the following year in The True Philosophers’ Stone, but here I want to address one of the most important connections that meeting led to. The store was run by two brothers; however it was their sister Elizabeth that would have the most impact on our mission.

One day, Elizabeth handed me a book and told me that I needed to read it. The book was The Rabbi’s Tarot by Daphna Moore. We started reading the book the next day and could barely put it down; we subsequently re-read the book several times, each time gaining something else from it, but the true value of the book and its author would not become apparent for several years.
1999 was an important year for my studying, because apart from The Rabbi’s Tarot, I was led to several books on the Mayans. After the shamanic classes were over, we remained in contact with Hermione meeting with her each week to participate in a channeling session. As I said earlier it was during a channeling session that we learned of the inner world, which was later enforced by watching the video Fractals: The Colors of Infinity. It was shortly after this that I had a vision of several ancient sites in Mexico and South America and realized that we needed to go there. We planned to go the following year to Palenque in May and South America in the fall, but first we had to get through the turn of the New Millennium.
Re-examining this period with hindsight from a consciousness and energetic perspective, I realized that it was a pivotal time for the Divine plan. Since 1994 The Universal Christ had been working with potential members of the 777,000. Naturally, the “Shadow” was working equally hard to undermine The Christ’s efforts.

During the 90s apart from stirring up hatred in the world, the “Shadow” strengthened “his” oligarchy with the dot-com boom. In addition “he” worked on the ever widening gulf between the political parties in America. In the 2000 election, the public wanted Al Gore the Vice President, but the “Shadow” wanted the Republican George W. Bush elected, not because he was an evil man but because the Republican policies favored the “Shadow’s” plan. Although the public elected Al Gore, the “Shadow” was not going to stand by and accept it, so he stirred up individuals to fight the result. We all remember the fiasco of the “hanging chads” that followed until weeks later the Supreme Court decided that despite the people choosing Al Gore for their president, George W. Bush was elected. The energy that was created during this turbulent time divided the country and led to an increase in negative energy. As this was less than two months before the start of the new Millennium it was this dualistic energy that seeded the new age, which would have devastating results.
Nonetheless, although Craig and I had felt the negative energy, at the time we were unaware of its global implications. Naively we thought that politics had nothing to do with spirituality and therefore did not concern us. Moreover, at the turn of the Millennium we were unclear as to what exactly was involved in Spiritual Evolution. In 2000 I had completed volumes 1 and 2 of LCD and was aware of the various Christ-like teachers throughout the world. So when I began having visions of a visit to Palenque, Mexico I new it concerned the Mayan Christ-like teacher Quetzalcoatl.


Apart from visions of the mission, I was given to understand that I was to act as a seal. At the time I had no clue as to what that meant, but trusted that I would find out. It was on this trip that Craig and I first learned of the other Divine powers working with the Universal Christ. Our experience was covered in detail in The True Philosophers’ Stone, so I will not repeat it here. I will say though that it was my experience in Palenque and later Teotihuacan that introduced me to the principal of energy being connected to certain sites.

We had wondered why we were in Palenque for Cinqo de Mayo May 5th, but when we returned I was led to Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies2 by John Hogue. In respect to the quatrain 88 of Century 6 Mr. Hogue reported that in May 5th 2000 there would be a “grand alignment of planets.”3 Insightfully he relates that as well as literally referring to an earthquake, the quatrain could also represent a subjective “earthquake” that causes a shake up in thinking. Although he speculates that this “shakeup” could be caused through the discovery of proof of extraterrestrials, I was struck by his words. Concerning the affect to society in general this shakeup in thinking “to our religious, moral, and political values would bring about a spiritual and social ‘axis shift’ as far reaching as any physical one.”4

In part one of the Fullness of Time: The Mysteries Uncloaked, I reported our later discoveries concerning May 5th 2000. As this was our first mission outside the United States since Jerusalem I feel it will be beneficial if I repeat what was written:

“At the time we were only vaguely aware of a five-planet alignment taking place, but little else. Recently, in thinking of the Mexican festival of Cinqo de Mayo, I wondered if the origin of the festival was because the Maya held a special sacred relevance for the date of May 5th. Using the search engine, Google I typed in May 5th. One of the results it pulled up concerned the Age of Aquarius and the previous night May 4th. (I found the excerpt below under the heading Birth of the Age of Aquarius, May 5, 2000 on the web site

The night of May 4, 2000, was the eve of one of the most exciting, powerful, and transformative celestial events of our millennium according to astronomy and Astrology experts. It began with the darkest night in living memory... no moon or planet lit up the sky as the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were hidden from human eyes behind the Sun. The next morning, May 5th, at 8:08 a.m. Universal Time, the longitudinal span of these five planets, Sun and Moon collimated within a geocentric (Earth-centered) sector of 27 degrees of the Constellation of Taurus in our Milky Way galaxy, forming a “Grand Planetary Alignment.”… Many cultures, including the Mayans and Hopi, have a prophecy predicting the May 5th Grand Planetary Alignment and this time, “the birth of the New Age of Enlightenment” - The Age of Aquarius.” On the Mayan Calendar, May 5th marked the end of the 5th Sun and the birth of the 6th Sun.

I said that we thought there was a five-planet alignment, but according to Dr. David R. Williams of NASA there were eight planets or heavenly bodies of the Solar System involved in the alignment. “On May 5, 2000 the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be more or less positioned in a line with the Sun. Additionally, the Moon will be almost lined up between the Earth and Sun…” Dr. Williams explains the conventional scientific perspective on the alignment to allay fears of the astronomical event causing global catastrophes. However, what struck me was his mention of all of the Seven Sacred planets of both the Tarot and the chakras. From the scientific perspective, it is true that not counting the Earth there are five planets involved in the alignment. However, if we consider what Dr. Williams has to say about the Sun and Moon, then all Seven Sacred Planets were involved. Nonetheless, it is our experience the night before that for us was most interesting. In our third book, The True Philosophers’ Stone we related our experience in Palenque on the night of May 4th:

“Hermione… surprised Suzzan by saying … she was feeling a little on edge. “It’s nothing I can put my finger on, just a feeling of unease,” she explained. It was strange to see Hermione vulnerable. She had always presented herself as a tower of strength to Suzzan. Maybe it was transference or empathy, but as they walked back in the near pitch darkness, Suzzan also felt a little uneasy. Very little ever-perturbed Craig, but even he could sense something ominous that evening. I also discovered that the night of May 4th (“the darkest night in living memory”) was the darkest night in 6,000 years. Again, I must reiterate, none of us had any idea, that this was anything more than a moonless night.”

As stated, after returning to America we were instructed to purchase the metaphysical bookstore we had been involved in and turn it into a spiritual center. This was the hardest instruction to understand as its compliance ultimately led to our financial ruin. Nonetheless, with hindsight we realize that it was an essential part of our mission as it also led to not only meeting the people crucial to our mission, but opened our eyes to the problem of the New Age movement. But before I address that I will discuss what we learned about energy and physical matter from our trip to Mexico and our later trip to South America.

In Palenque, I was instructed to stand in front of a temple where Craig and Hermione sat. I felt nothing and saw nothing and yet both Craig and Hermione were experiencing explicit visions. Hermione’s vision was of her being in a room filled with huge vats of blood that suddenly burst into flames. Evidently my presence was needed, because of my body’s frequency to ensure that only Hermione left the room. We later learned that the blood was the energetic copy of the blood sacrifices carried out by the later inhabitants of Palenque. Blood is the means spirits use to enter the physical world, which is why Jesus banned all blood sacrifices. The blood that burst into flames was held there waiting for the energy vibration of the world to shift in order for the spirits to use it to enter the world. I am not talking of demons or ghosts, but rather a malevolent energy to affect the mass consciousness. However, Hermione’s willingness to be guided enabled the “Light” to safely dissipate the energy through her while my “body” prevented anything escaping into the world.
Although Palenque, Mexico introduced me to the concept of my body being used as some form of energetic door, it was our sojourn in South America that really opened my eyes to the nature of reality. It was while sitting on the Sacred Rock on the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca that I experienced the transmutation of energy. Because this is so important to changing the way we think about matter and emotions, I will recap the relevant excerpts from what was written in the True Philosophers’ Stone:

“On the way to the island Alan had explained, “The Sacred Rock has a very powerful legend. The locals believe that during a great catastrophe, the sun and moon ‘hung out here,’ before being reborn again into the sky.”
Looking at the object of local veneration, Suzzan thought that it didn’t look that imposing. Sure it was a large rock, which you could climb onto, but she’d seen hundreds of similar rocks elsewhere. Still no clearer on why they were there, she climbed up onto it. Standing on top, she asked, “Father, what do you want me to do?”
“Open your heart and let yourself feel it,” He replied. Sitting down on the rock, Suzzan placed her hands either side of her and closed her eyes. Immediately a very bright red light appeared in front of her. As she watched the light, she became aware of being immersed and surrounded by the emotion of anger. It was so strong that it was almost tangible. The anger seemed to be directed at specific individuals, although at the time she couldn’t identify them.
Almost without her volition, Suzzan began speaking in a very low voice. “Be at peace. Rest easy. A new era has begun. Your work is done.” She repeated the words over and over again. She wasn’t really sure who or what she was addressing, but gradually the angry red color before her eyes began to soften into a muted pink. Then it began to change again taking on yellow hues before finally becoming a brilliant green. When she saw that the color was a vibrant green, she somehow knew that her work was done there, so she climbed back down…

The Island of the Sun on Lake Titicaca has a companion island known, not surprisingly as the Island of the Moon. Unlike our experience on the Island of the Sun, which was active, our presence on the Island of the Moon was purely passive. At first when we landed on the island, we had company, but we eventually found ourselves alone:

Finally left alone, they scanned the area. “The Temple of the Priestesses,” is situated on the top of a cliff… Although there were several buildings on the site, neither Craig nor Suzzan felt inclined to explore them. Instead, they found a small stone ledge to sit on. Deciding that the energy they were feeling was more about the ground itself, rather than the crumbled down buildings, they acknowledged the power and serenity of the island in prayer. Opening her eyes to the deafening quiet calm and warm sunlight Suzzan stared stunned at the vision before her. Simulating the action of a rising chest, the grassy hilltop rose and fell several times, as if it was actually breathing. Everything was surrealistically still, nothing else was moving and no sounds could be heard, turning to Craig to draw his attention, she realized by the expression on his face that he had seen the same thing.
On the boat heading back to Copacabana, Craig and Suzzan were shown what had happened at both of the islands. God explained, “The Island of the Sun is the representative of the masculine energy, whereas the island of the Moon represents the feminine.” Then He showed Suzzan a vision. She saw men wearing feathered headdresses, sacrificing people on the Sacred Rock. The victim’s “bright red” blood ran unchecked over the rock and seeped into the ground. Then she saw literally thousands of people bowing down to the priests performing the sacrifices. God told her, “The anger you felt was directed at the Incan priests who used blood sacrifice to subjugate the people. All natural forces are neutral and can only respond to humanity’s intent. These priests used occult knowledge to control the forces and corrupt the earth. Your energy of love being there today, released and dissipated the trapped negative vibrations. The Island of the Moon’s energy represents the nurturing maternal love the Earth holds for life in general. Your and Craig’s presence was an acknowledgement of Mother Earth’s ability to nourish life. You were saying thank you for all humanity.”

At Tiahuanaco and Machu Picchu I again was drawn to specific sites to perform some form of energy transmission. It was only later that I understood that my body was being energetically used to activate spiritual energies in the region. However, I learned the next year that the energies of the region also changed the vibrational energy in me. It is vital to reiterate that my energetic condition is in no way due to anything I did, it is merely the energy and consciousness I was born with. My energetic purpose would become much clearer a year later, after the most shocking event.


I mentioned earlier that the dualistic energy created by the 2000 election would have devastating results. This energy ultimately manifested in the tragic events of 9-11. The reason it could was because Osama bin Laden and George W. Bush are polar opposites. Consequently, when they came into conflict with one another, the emotional energy generated was explosive.
After 9-11 many people turned to the quatrains of Nostradamus to see if he predicted such an earth changing event. Although someone created a fictitious quatrain, there was no specific quatrain that identified 9-11. Nonetheless, some conspiracists found a connection in the name Mabus, believed to be a code for the third anti-christ. They had observed that Mabus could be made from the last two letters of Osama and the first three letters of Bush - Mabus. To even consider that Nostradamus was identifying President Bush as the third anti-christ is beyond ludicrous, but the actions of Osama bin Laden could certainly merit his candidacy. However, John points out that with some clever manipulation Saddam backwards with the letters “d” replaced by “b” could imply that the dictator of Iraq was the name of the anti-christ.5 Could Mr. Hogue be correct, did Nostradamus identify the third anti-christ as Saddam Hussein? Bible Students of Saint John’s Revelation are eagerly looking for the “person” known as the “Beast” that will lead the majority of the Human Race astray, but as I wrote in LCD, Revelation is allegorical and not literal. Persuading so many people to think God’s enemy is a person is the “Shadow’s” greatest accomplishment in the Fullness of Time as it allows “him” to surreptitiously manipulate the world to do “his” bidding.

From the information I have gathered for this thesis, at the Fullness of Time, the spiritual struggle will be “fought” within the Human Race. In other words, as we have repeatedly said Armageddon is a personal struggle within each human being’s heart. I am sure that as a member of the “Orders of the Quest” Nostradamus was fully aware of this fact. So the question is what did he mean when he identified the third anti-christ as Mabus? Surprisingly, the answer lies partly in the conspiracists connecting Osama bin Laden and President George Bush with Mabus. The answer is two-fold, with the first key found in understanding that the word anti-christ does not always mean an individual. Antichrist can also apply to any action of policy that is opposed to The Christ’s Divine plan.
I believe that Nostradamus identified the consciousness of spiritual destruction and tried to leave us clues to warn us. From this, Mabus can be seen as the energy generated by the actions and decisions of Osama bin Laden, George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein. This would include all the people connected with them that held the same energy and consciousness, which means in the case of President Bush, it is more about his administration than him personally.

To understand my reasoning involves returning to the consequences of the resetting of the Baby Boomers. As stated one of the most the serious was the regression of the consciousness to an earlier “upstepping.” The reason the Bush administration was detrimental to spiritual progress was because of two major decisions, which caused a worldwide deterioration in the consciousness. The first was his administration’s instigation of the Patriot Act. From an energy and consciousness perspective, this resonated with the same mind-set of the Cold War and McCarthyism. Once again hatred and suspicion was being generated for an entire sect of the population rather than just the few individuals that were terrorists. Earlier I said that rather than referring to the al-Qeadar terrorists as Islamic, it would be more accurate to refer to them as Wahhabists.
As detrimental as inciting mass hatred for peaceful law-abiding Islamic people, the Bush’s administration second decision was far worse from the spiritual perspective. This was because it involved a consciousness that had been eradicated several hundred years earlier. The consciousness that was revived was that it was acceptable to torture human beings, under the premise that the ends justify the means. The deplorable defence of water-boarding as an acceptable method of interrogation that was relayed via the media to the public was more than just blatant misrepresentation from the energetic point of view. But first let me address why I say the water-boarding video presented to the world, was a blatant misrepresentation.
Water-boarding is simulated drowning in that the victim believes and feels that he is drowning. The entry for waterboarding on Wikipedia says it all:

Waterboarding is a form of torture that consists of immobilizing the subject on his/her back with the head inclined downwards; water is then poured over the face into breathing passages, causing the captive to experience the sensations of drowning. In contrast to submerging the head face-forward in water, waterboarding precipitates an almost immediate gag reflex. It can cause extreme pain, dry drowning, damage to lungs, brain damage from oxygen deprivation, other physical injuries including broken bones due to struggling against restraints, lasting psychological damage or, if uninterrupted, death.

The person lying perfectly still flat on his back in the video was so obviously not experiencing waterboarding that it is almost laughable. Nevertheless, although the “Light” is appalled at the torture, “their” concern was what it did to the consciousness of the world. America has always been held up as people that take the high ground and refuse to stoop to the level of barbarians, no matter what the provocation. However, when the world learned of the torture, America lost its status as an upholder of human rights and this affected the entire world’s consciousness. But the phony demonstration of water-boarding to the American public was even worse than the actual torture. It is bad enough energetically when a few individuals engage in reprehensible behavior, but when that behavior is endorsed by non-participants that energy grows exponentially. I cannot emphasize too much how detrimental even a small percentage of the American public’s endorsement of water-boarding is to spiritual progress. I believe that this is what Nostradamus saw and tried to warn us of.

The above information, which relates the first part of the answer to why Nostradamus used the name Mabus for the third anti-christ is the practical reason. Nonetheless, there is far more plausible explanation if we consider it from a spiritual perspective. This perspective came while I was meditating on the Nostradamus’ quatrain of century 8 quatrain 77 that spoke of a 27-year war. As this quatrain was connected to the third anti-christ, I knew that he was referring to our time, but how could we be embroiled in a 27-year war. It was then that I had a vision of a figure sitting in a darkened room gazing into a bowl of water. Suddenly, newspaper headlines began flashing over the surface of the water, so fast I could barely make them out. However, one headline seemed to stand out “War on Terror.” Although the official declaration of this war is associated with President George W. Bush in 2001, I discovered that according to the entry for War on Terror in Wikipedia:

In 1984 the Reagan Administration used the term "war against terrorism" as part of an effort to pass legislation that was designed to freeze assets of terrorist groups and marshal the forces of government against them.

If we take 27 years from 1984 then we will arrive at 2011. Is it a coincidence that President Obama has vowed to pull all American troops out from Afghanistan in 2011? Nonetheless, from the consciousness perspective, we associate the “War on Terror” with Bin Laden and al-Qaeda; consequently as I was led to the information about 1984 because of my vision I knew that 1984 was important. At first, I thought al-Qaeda was founded in 1984, but after investigating I discovered that the “organization” was founded between 1988 and 1989. However, on the entry for al-Qaeda I came across the mention of another “organization” that was founded in 1984:

The Maktab al-Khidamat…also known as the Afghan Services Bureau…founded in 1984 by Abdullah Azzam and Osama bin Laden to raise funds and recruit foreign mujahidin for the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. MAK became the forerunner to al-Qaeda and was instrumental in creating the fundraising and recruitment network that benefited al-Qaeda during the 1990s.

From the above I knew that the formation of the Maktab al-Khidamat was the catalyst for the “War on Terror” that Nostradamus warned of. Returning to my Nostradamus vision, along with the headline “War on Terror”, the names of Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, George H. Bush, and George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and the leader of the Taliban, Mullah Mohammed Omar also flashed across the water. If we consider what events would have had the strongest energetic impact for Nostradamus we can see why he would focus on the names of these individuals. Energetically the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamyan and the 9-11 attacks and the patriot missiles, not to mention the world-wide impact of Barack Obama’s election would all have seemed important. As for the name Mabus, as I said, the headlines containing the names were flashing by so fast that they began to blur into each other. I believe that I was being shown that Mabus was a name constructed from all the names Nostradamus saw connected to the time when the world would be embroiled in a 27-year war.
Whatever, Nostradamus was warning us of, the lowering of the consciousness through the use of torture permitted the “Shadow” to enter the mass consciousness and work directly within individuals. The “Shadow” could do this because of the counterfeit spirit within human beings. To explain how this is possible I need to relate back to Stage Reason where we discussed Eckhart Tolle’s pain body as representing the counterfeit spirit.


Mr. Tolle in his books explains that there is a Collective Pain Body that is connected to everyone’s individual pain body. Obviously the Collective Pain Body is the “Shadow’ in this thesis. Nonetheless, I was intrigued to learn that this “Body” is feminine rather than masculine.
I know that I have spoken of a female aspect of the “Shadow” as the negative, feminine/active side of the prince of this world, represented by the Archetypes Lilith, Kali and Nephthys, but this is different. It concerns the pecking order in the Spiritual World. Surprisingly, the rule is everything above an entity is masculine and active and everything below is feminine/passive. Because the “Shadow/prince of this world” is below the Universal Christ, “he” is feminine/passive. However, as the Human Race is below all spiritual entities, the “Shadow” is always masculine/active to us.
When the world’s consciousness took a dive after 9-11 the “Shadow” was able to interact individually with the human being’s pain body/counterfeit spirit and influence the mass consciousness and compete with The Universal Christ. Ultimately this has become Armageddon between the “Light of Truth” and the “Shadow of Deception.”
Please understand I am not saying that President Bush was the same as either Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein, but that like them he was being manipulated into furthering the “Shadow’s” plan. I realize that some people will see this as an attack on President Bush, but nothing could be further from the Truth. He is a member of the Baby Boomer generation and therefore was born to transform the world. In fact since leaving office, President Bush has worked tirelessly to relieve the suffering of the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Ultimately, the “Light “(God) will use any and all means to bring the Truth to light and by revealing the “Shadow’s’ ultimate deception He alerts us to the “Shadow’s” manipulation. As for President Bush’s two other protagonists, both men are out of the picture, with the execution of Saddam Hussein and the death of Osama bin Laden.
To explain that statement, I was told that Osama bin Laden was killed in the massive Pakistan earthquake of October 8th 2005. I have to admit to being skeptical of what I was told at the time, but as no new video of Osama bin Laden has surfaced since that time I’m inclined to believe it. The question is why has this not been reported in the press. I believe it was because of the region the earthquake occurred in. The entry on Wikipedia for the earthquake relates:

Reports indicate that entire towns and villages were completely wiped out in Northern Pakistan with other surrounding areas also suffering severe damage.

Intelligence reports said that bin Laden was hiding out in a cave beneath the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This region suffered the most damage. If bin Laden was in a cave when the earthquake struck then he would have been buried beneath tons of earth. As rescuers were swamped with the multiple villages that were wiped out, they would not have looked for survivors in the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Obviously, bin Laden’s death was a huge blow to the al-Qeadar movement, but the leaders have successfully kept it quiet. However, from the spiritual perspective, the death of bin Laden offers us a glimpse into the nature of death, which as I related earlier all natural causes of death are instigated by the individual’s soul. Although I covered this earlier, because of its importance I will revisit the subject again; the discussion will also review the consciousness aspect of natural disasters.


The answer to the question of whether we have a say in our deaths is both yes and no, because the underlying causes of death are relevant. I will begin with conditions that are not facilitated by the individual. These include accidents and death at the hands of another. In these cases, the soul and spirit of the person is purely a victim of circumstance. As for the affirmative answer, in this case, any form of natural death is determined by the person. This means that when they are ready to leave this world, individuals often engineer a fatal illness. Another way individuals orchestrate their death is in natural disasters; such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Despite religious fundamentalist claims that natural disasters are “God’s” punishment of the wicked, they are a way to help Humanity. I know this probably sounds like an oxymoron, but natural disasters serve a higher purpose. To understand we need to realize that the 4 elements are connected to the 4 emotions of fear, (water) grief/despair, (air) ignorance/hatred (fire) and confusion (earth). In this way natural disasters can be seen as Nature reflecting consciousness.


To reiterate, an example of nature reflecting consciousness, we can observe how the Dust Bowl was reflecting the mass consciousness of the American people in the Great Depression. The first thing we need to do is identify which elements and emotions were involved in the phenomenon. The “dust” of the earth represents confusion; the winds that created the dust clouds represent grief/despair and the drought caused from heat of fire represents ignorance/hatred. The only element absent is water and the emotion fear. At first this seemed to contradict my theory, because during the Depression of course people were afraid. However, although fear had been the overwhelming emotion which had led to the catastrophe, it was not the sustaining emotion of the Great Depression; the strongest emotion of the era was grief and despair (wind/air) and confusion and bewilderment (dust/earth). The ignorance or fire (drought) originated before the catastrophe, with the farmers attitude to their land.
In the twenties, the Great Plains were so fertile that the farmers became intoxicated with their success and forgot (became ignorant) of what they were taught in taking care of the land; rotating the crops and leaving a field to lie fallow for a season. There is also another aspect of the farmers of the American Heartland that caused Nature to reflect the element of fire through drought and that was their attitude to the original owners of the land, the Native Americans. In other words their farms were taken from the indigenous tribes by the settlers that claimed the land in the late 19th century.
Again I must emphasize that the catastrophe of the Dust Bowl was not a punishment, but merely the consciousness of Nature reflecting the consciousness of its Life-Principle. There are several reasons the mass consciousness engineers a natural disaster where hundreds if not thousands die and there is great suffering by the survivors. The main one is to relieve the pressure from an emotion that has become overwhelming. The second reason is to facilitate the exit of large numbers of individuals and the third is to create a wave of compassion. The last reason is used to shift the consciousness from separation and selfishness to unity and altruism.
Anyway, because of the universal law that the individual chooses to die in natural disasters, this means that Osama bin Laden orchestrated his death in the Pakistani earthquake. The question is why would a known terrorist remove himself from the fight? The answer is that as a Baby Boomer born to help transform the world, his spirit knew after 9-11, Osama was in danger of committing Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and moved to remove him before he did. If I seem like I am making excuses for bin Laden, I am not, I am merely examining the situation from the spiritual and energetic viewpoint.


As destructive and devastating as 9-11 was, the “Light” was able to bring something good from it. To determine what possible good could come from such an atrocious act, we need to return to the reason for the Baby Boomers incarnation. As stated, because of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Human Race broke a Universal Law by reversing (turning matter into energy) Creation and taking Life. This caused a rift in the veil between the planes and allowed the lower thoughts and emotions of Humanity to seep into the Higher Planes. The situation grew even worse after the resetting of the Baby Boomers. Because the consciousness of previous periods was being brought forth into the present, the contamination of the Soul Plane was intensifying.

Due to the shock of the Twin Towers being hit by the planes and collapsing being experienced worldwide, the entire mass consciousness was consciously connected for a few moments. This was when the collective gasp, so to speak was used to “suck” the lower energy out of the Soul Plane and down into the Earth Plane. In order to not release such a low consciousness into the world it was placed into my head; obviously the “consciousness” was not the same spatially as it was in the Soul Plane.
At first all I experienced was a distortion to the vision in my right eye. It was as if I was looking through dirty glasses. When I saw an ophthalmologist, he conducted a test on my vision, which produced a graphic readout of my vision. I can remember looking at the two images, my left eye vision, which was normal, was portrayed as all white with a perfectly spherical jet black blind spot, while my right eye vision was portrayed as almost all grey and black.
After that visit, I was told that I had an entity in my head that was manifesting as a tumor and that I was to believe that I would survive it by visualizing myself in France on the trip we were planning in June 2002. To deal with the entity, our dear friend Judy was shown an ancient acupuncture treatment known as the “thirteen ghost points”, but instead of needles she was to use tuning forks. The treatment was planned in three stages starting April 1st.
As we reported in The True Philosophers’ Stone, (TPS) by March of 2002, I was in a very bad way and needed help with the most basic of needs. Craig had been laid off from Boeing because of the after-effects of 9-11 and so was able to cover the store initially. However, as the entity manifested into this plane (my head) it began to compromise my breathing so Craig had to be with me 24/7. The events of that time were so bizarre that it took every ounce of faith for Craig to not take me to hospital, but it was essential that he did not, because if I lost my focus on being in France the entity would overwhelm me. For nearly all the time I was unaware of the entity until the Saturday before Judy began my treatment. That Easter Sunday I was thankful for the gentle presence of Craig’s daughter LaNoah:

Thursday, the 28th of March, Judy came to see Suzzan again. She explained how she would be returning sometime over the weekend to open the “window to the sky points” to enable Suzzan to separate her life force from her body. Then Judy would perform the “13 Ghost Points,” which would drive out the entity that was posing as a tumor in Suzzan’s head. The “13 Ghost Points” is an ancient Chinese treatment, normally carried out by placing acupuncture needles at various points on the body. Judy was going to do the procedure with tuning forks instead of needles…
LaNoah, Craig’s daughter knew of her stepmother’s condition. She was one of the few members of both of their families that the couple had shared the news of Suzzan’s condition with. Surprising and pleasing both of them, LaNoah asked her father if she could visit them that weekend, as she wanted to be a part of what was going to occur. Even so, at this time, the couple was still far from clear as to what that was.
Judy arrived at 3 pm Sunday afternoon. Again she was unclear of what to do. Checking Suzzan’s pulse, she was given to understand that she was to raise her patient’s vibration. Feeling that she needed to support Suzzan’s body, she began with hi-frequency Earth tones including the full and new moon tuning forks and a Tibetan sun bowl. To aid the spirit separating from the body necessitated “opening the window to the sky points.” To achieve this Judy used a bell chime that was tuned to a perfect sixth and the full moon.
Before Judy had started, LaNoah had surprised Suzzan, when after taking a seat next to her on the bed; she took hold of her stepmother’s left hand in a firm grip. In fact, she didn’t relax her grip during the entire procedure.
While Suzzan rested on top of the bed, Judy worked with the different tones. When she reached the “sky points” and held the bell chime resonating the high-pitched tone over the area, Suzzan experienced the feeling of floating over her body. At the same time, she was aware of LaNoah holding tightly onto her hand. Craig, seated in his armchair in the bedroom, experienced a vision of Suzzan rising out of her body, later he described it as if she was shedding some kind of leotard.
What neither Craig nor Suzzan knew at the time was that they were both witnessing the separating of her life force from the body. The mistake she had made was in thinking that her life force was connected to her physical life. Because LaNoah was both Craig’s daughter and genuinely loved Suzzan, she was able to tether her stepmother to this plane. Another coincidence was that LaNoah’s birthday was September 11th, which connected her to the whole experience…
Judy informed the couple that she would return the next day, Monday, although she was not sure if she would do the Ghost Points then. “I trust you to know when is the right time,” Suzzan asserted confidently…
Monday night, Judy arrived as promised. “I think that I’m supposed to raise your vibration and agitate the entity some more, but I don’t think I’m meant to do the Ghost Points tonight.  What do you think?” Both Craig and Suzzan concurred with Judy’s assessment. By now, Judy knew how to agitate the entity; the most effective way was with her Chiron tuning forks. It was as if it recoiled from the sound, forcing Suzzan’s head deeper into the pillows. The purpose of agitating the entity was to keep it on its guard and to make it release its hold ready for defense. Earlier, Craig had been shown a vision of the entity, with its tendrils spreading throughout Suzzan’s brain, and both he and Judy agreed on the necessity to not let it relax.
Suzzan pondered over when she was to deal with the entity, while listening to the different tones, Judy was using. Again she was reminded of the fluidity of time. Showing her the Bible’s reference to Jesus Christs’ so-called descent into hell following the crucifixion, God explained that she was to connect with this time in order to receive Jesus Christs’ help. When that would occur, Suzzan could only guess.
Tuesday, the second of April Suzzan waited for both Craig and Judy to arrive. Judy arrived first, and the two women chatted about Judy’s work as an acupuncturist. She had listened quietly to Judy, her admiration for the woman’s dedication growing by the minute. Their “chat” was interrupted a few minutes later with Craig’s arrival.  He had stopped at a local fast food drive through and called Judy to the kitchen to eat. Both Judy and Craig returned to the bedroom to consume their supper, with Judy sitting on the floor, her most comfortable position. Before eating, Craig had brought Suzzan a glass of fresh pineapple juice. After eating, Judy told them what she thought she should do. “I think I should agitate him a bit and then do the Ghost Points. What do you think?” She asked Craig hesitantly. He nodded in agreement…
…Then Judy arranged her patient in position on the bed. She began by using the tone of Pluto, which curiously the entity loved, at the second point to tempt it to move. Then she gave it energy with the tone of Mars at the first point. Finally, to force it to move to the next point, she used the Chiron tone. Judy repeated this procedure through all thirteen points, until, after being lured to the thirteenth point, when she placed the Chiron tone on that point, the entity repulsed had no other choice but to leave Suzzan’s body.
After Judy had finished with the last ghost point, she sat on the floor. It was obvious to Craig that she was processing the whole strange episode. Sighing deeply, she began “While I was using the tones around your head, I was thinking, ‘this is a liability waiting to happen. I’m banging around a woman’s head with a brain tumor.’ This was strange, as that thought would never occur to me. Then he (the entity) tried to trick me, by having me misread one of the points, going out of sequence.” The point the entity had her miss at first was positioned in the center of Suzzan’s forehead, exactly where the tumor was situated.
Craig had witnessed Judy’s struggle, when she had approached Suzzan’s forehead with the Chiron tuning fork. The fork had begun to shake and Judy had almost dropped it. It had only been when she had moved away from Suzzan and then activated the fork that she had been able to continue in sequence. Judy confided her surprise at the process. She explained, “I had thought that I was going to chase him out, but instead, I found myself enticing and pulling him out. He liked the Pluto energy but didn’t like Chiron. So I would entice him with Pluto and prevent him returning with Chiron.”
“It’s like a night crawler, you have to grab the head and pull slowly otherwise it will break in two,” Craig offered. For Suzzan’s part, she had only felt a tingling sensation at the different points until Judy placed the tuning fork on the inside of her right arm. Then it was decidedly uncomfortable. Later, Judy explained that the point was connected to her heart. Suzzan did, however, know that the entity was no longer in her body. Almost at the moment that she understood this, Craig said, “Its with Jesus Christ now.”
After a couple of minutes, Suzzan told Craig she needed to use the bathroom. As usual he moved to her side to support her body, only this time she found she could stand and more importantly walk with barely any assistance. Craig was almost beside himself with joy. A few minutes later he watched as she walked unaided to the bed. True, she looked like a toddler taking her first steps, but she was walking…
Later, lying in bed next to Craig shortly after he had turned out the light, Suzzan heard “It’s time.” Jesus had spoken to Suzzan only a few times before in this lifetime, yet she recognized his voice immediately. Feeling herself pulled into what she thought of as a no-time void, she found herself holding Jesus’ hand there. He directed her gaze downwards to a huge black mass writhing and squirming beneath them. It was so enormous and took up such a vast area that she said to Jesus, “it’s huge.”
Suzzan’s logical mind questioned how could such a relatively small tumor become this huge mass? It was huge, it was unbelievably huge and black didn’t begin to describe the color of it, it was like looking into a black hole. There was no light within it.  Suzzan thought, “Oh my God, how are we going to deal with that?”
As the question formed in her mind, Suzzan became aware that Jesus was changing. He no longer had a human-like body; he had expanded into an immense white-gold mass of pulsating energy. As she watched, she felt her hand being squeezed, and then she noticed that she too was changing. Soon both of their bodies had become this massive white-gold cloud. Almost simultaneously as she realized that she was no longer a physical being, “the cloud” that they had become began to descend towards the black mass. As they moved to embrace it, Suzzan became aware of a kind of vortex opening all around them. Out of the vortex was streaming white-golden light making them expand even more. In her heart, she recognized the energy as the pure untainted love of the Father. It was causing both Jesus and her to expand more and more until they completely enveloped the black entity with love…
As the mass was embraced, it slowly began to change into the brilliant white-golden light of love. The light filled every square inch (if there was such a thing) of the void. Almost immediately as Suzzan recognized this, she became aware that she was lying in bed next to Craig.

Lee Nielsen’s astrological report for April 4th 1994 showed us a visual representation of what happened energetically in Jerusalem. Lee explained that Chiron was the focal point of all the astrological energies of the chart. As Chiron was in the first house, the physical body, this confirmed for us that my body was used as a door for the energetic return of the Universal Christ. What I did not realize then was that I was also to facilitate the entrance into the consciousness of the Divine entities that would work with Humanity to fulfill their intentions. To facilitate this it needed to be activated by a very specific vibration that was held in the region of Languedoc in the South of France.


Considering my condition in April, no one at the center expected us to go through with our planned trip in June, but we did and because of the shift in my energy I was able to experience an out-of-time incident. Before we went to France, I was told to find the White Stone, but I was not told where it was. At the airport I found a picture of the White Stone in a tour-guide book. It was the memorial for the more than two hundred Cathars from Montsegur that were burnt alive in the 13th century.

A few days later I was literally pulled up a steep incline to the White Stone memorial. Craig and David wanted to go up to the actual ruined castle, which was 1500 feet above us. Obviously, it was impossible for me to even attempt such a climb so my companions left me sitting on a bench by the path just above the memorial. While I sat there admiring the scenery below me, the parked cars and tourists seemed to disappear to be replaced with a vast army spread out over the hills. Suddenly, I was gripped by a feeling of sheer terror that almost overwhelmed me. Then I heard Craig and David’s voice above me. Later we learned that when Montsegur fell, the Cathars were marched down the very path I was sitting on and greeted by a huge pit of fire on the site of the memorial. They were given the option of converting to Catholicism or being burned alive in the pit; more than 200 chose the latter.
Although my out-of-time experience was very powerful it was not what prepared me for the final phase of my mission; that was accomplished by the astrological energies of the Temple of the Stars. I will not repeat what was written in our third book; suffice to say that the energy was carefully protected by the “Orders of the Quest.”

By the time I reached my crisis in March 2002, I had completed LCD and was halfway through an outline of TPS. After we returned from France I picked up where I had left off, only now I had a much deeper insight into spiritual energies. Shortly after I had my first vision on the principle of Planetary Rounds and Root-Races, consequently I added the appendix The Relevance of Rounds and Root-Races Today to LCD.

2003 – I.D.E.A. IS BORN

At the start of 2003 we were told to form the I.D.E.A. Foundation for the Benefit of Humanity. Originally, when we formed the I.D.E.A Foundation we visualized it as a charity that raised money for programs to assist those in need, but after we formed it we realized that homelessness and poverty were merely the symptoms of the disease and the only way to permanently cure them was to find the virus or infection at the root of the disease, so to speak. I was given to understand that the answer lay in the Ancient Mysteries that Jesus spoke of. Consequently, Craig and I decided to shelve our development of the foundation and concentrate on discovering the means to find a cure for the ills of the world.
The first question I needed to answer was what did Jesus mean by The Mysteries? I started with a review of the New Testament’s account of Jesus’ mission, which led to writing The Good News: An Alternate Theory, the re-examination of the life and teachings of Jesus from what we learned since April 4th 1994 in Jerusalem. Nonetheless, the research for The Good News: kept leading back to Jesus’ connection to The Ancient Mysteries and we knew that they were the key to my investigation. Ultimately, the investigation led me back to Daphna Moore’s The Rabbit’s Tarot as the core information and I then realized this brilliant book held the secret to human spiritual evolution.
By the summer of 2004 Craig and I had completed The Good News: An alternate Theory and we had published The True Philosophers’ Stone. In writing about the esoteric elements we had uncovered in the South of France, I realized that the spiritual knowledge I was accessing was coming from several sources, which in turn led me to an investigation of the mysterious Kabbalistic Sephirot and the Tree of Life. Meanwhile, our mission in the 7 Keys Center was coming to an end.


By the beginning of 2005, Craig and I realized that it was time to close the center and concentrate on building a center in the mass consciousness. We were shown this with the multiple individuals that came into the center convinced that they were here to save the world. Most of them had past-life memories of great teachers and felt they were here to teach everyone. This was one of the main pitfalls of past-life memories, if an individual is not careful they can become overwhelmed by the ego into thinking they and they alone have all the answers. With the center closed, Craig was able to devote his time to building a virtual spiritual center on the web.
Craig had already constructed a web-site for the I.D.E.A. Foundation, but now he began constructing the Triple 7 Center web site with a view to it housing the information we had gathered. My investigation into the Kabbalistic Sephirot led me back to my earlier visions of spiritual evolution and the role Sophia played.
In my research I had discovered the belief that Sophia had incarnated into Mary Magdalene, which we reported in The Good News, but I did not know that it was her consciousness that was guiding me to the spiritual Mysteries. I came to understand that the separation from my body had prepared me for the shift in consciousness I underwent in France. Afterwards, I was linked not only to Sophia, but also to all the Sephirot.

In 2006 I began having visions of Spiritual Evolution in connection with the Sephirot and the Major Arcana. As the visions became clearer, I knew that I needed to write down what I was seeing. This resulted in the creation of Spiritual Evolution or From the Fool to the Hermit parts one and two and the Fullness of Time: the Mysteries Uncloaked. In completing these writings I knew I needed to update LCD incorporating my visions into appendixes. Because of Craig’s technical understanding of our mission, I asked him to write an appendix from his perspective.
The following year we were given a wonderful gift to show us that we were on the right track. In The Good News: we hypothesized that Judas Iscariot rather than betraying Jesus was carrying out his instructions. In 2007, the discovery of the Gospel of Judas supported that very hypothesis. The following year we realized that former members of the “Orders of the Quest” were reincarnating with the knowledge of The Mysteries.


As mind-boggling as this was, it was the realization that many of the key members of the “Orders of the Quest” had returned to enhance their knowledge and share it with the world. For instance, Edgar Cayce’s consciousness had incarnated into David Wilcock. David himself states that he carries the consciousness of Edgar Cayce, but instead of giving readings, he has returned to help give a scientific perspective on spiritual realities. When Craig wrote his appendix for LCD, he found a plethora of information on David Wilcock’s website. Contacting Mr. Wilcock personally, Craig was delighted to find him gracious and quite willing to share the information for the appendix.
David Wilcock’s former existence was just the tip of the iceberg as I progressed in my thesis. Quite early on I learned that John Hogue carried the consciousness of Nostradamus, but it was the realization that Daphna Moore carried the consciousness of Madame H. P Blavatsky that showed me the dynamic nature of knowledge in evolution. Very early on in our journey it was the information from Madame Blavatsky that first introduced us to a different view of spiritual evolution; in particular, the doctrine of Rounds and Root-Races. As a member of the “Orders of the Quest”, the spiritual energy in Madame Blavatsky that had disseminated the knowledge of multiple worlds in vast numbers of years, returned in Daphna Moore to refine that knowledge when the Human Race had evolved enough to assimilate the next level.

As I progressed in my investigation of The Mysteries, I realized that the Tarot held the key, (interesting that another term for the Major Arcana cards are keys) to transformation. Moreover, the “cards” could be used to identify potential members of the 777,000. Knowing the importance of The Rabbi’s Tarot, I contacted Daphna to ask permission to use material from her book in LCD. Her response was that she only wanted the information available and that she wished she was wealthy enough to give the books away. This demonstrated more than anything her status as a member of the “Orders of the Quest” and her help has been invaluable to increase my understanding of the more esoteric subjects.
A year after writing Spiritual Evolution or From the Fool to the Hermit parts one and two and part one of the Fullness of Time: the Mysteries Uncloaked, I learned that these writings along with part two of the Fullness of Time were to become the backbone for a thesis for the 777,000.


This thesis was to be constructed into an online curriculum to be called the Know Thyself Initiative. We launched the Initiative on June 21st 2008 with Stage Reason, which used The Good News: An Alternate Theory as its focus. I did not know how it would develop or for that matter where it would go and quite frankly I have been amazed at some of the information it has led to. Each week, I would sit down at my computer with the relevant paragraphs of The Good News I was covering. Then the thoughts would start entering my head, mainly questions that I would need to research, but I truly was merely a vessel for the spiritual forces conducting the Initiative.

From time to time, TV shows or books that we were led to read would encourage us and give us the boost to keep going, despite my physical condition and financial situation. From September 2003 my voice was affected and speaking was very difficult. Moreover, my strength and vitality was severely compromised and I became virtually housebound. Today I realize that it was a necessary price to pay for me to access the information needed for the Ancient Wisdom For Now and the Know Thyself Initiative, so I am content with my limitations. As stated, every now and then we would learn of information that so completely confirmed our mission that it made all the hardships worthwhile. One such “gift” came from another member of the “Orders of the Quest’s” consciousness reincarnated.


This time the former member of the “Orders of the Quest” was the son of Nostradamus, Cesare that provided the confirmation. In the final Section of Stage Reason we related how the revelation came about. Although I have addressed this in earlier “upsteppings”, its value in understanding how our mission is directed is so important that I am repeating some of the most relevant excerpts below:

In a previous posting, we mentioned that in the first week of 2009 the History Channel presented a documentary called Nostradamus 2012, which concerned the last 7 images of his lost book. The information was taken from Ottavio Cesare Ramotti’s Nostradamus: The Lost Manuscript….
Turning to the most recent discussion on Ottavio Cesare Ramotti’s Nostradamus: The Lost Manuscript, 99% of the documentary was a litany of how all the prophecies throughout the world predict a dire future of pain and devastation. However, a small percentage addressed the Ancient art of Alchemy that was about Spiritual transformation. The documentary related that the builders of the Gothic Cathedrals, the Masons encoded secret alchemical symbols into the buildings warning us of the coming danger. An equally small percentage of the documentary related the prophecy of the Hopi which present the Human Race with a choice between 2 different paths, the “One” we are on now which leads to the destruction of the Human Race; and a “New” path where we cooperate with Nature and each other. This “New” path is laid out in the interpretation of the last 7 plates of Nostradamus’ Lost Manuscript…
Concerning Plate number 66, a commentator related that the Sun in Plate 66 symbolized Astrological Wisdom. This said to us that the image was pointing to an Astrological event; the question was which Astrological event? Looking at the evocative image of the imposing Sun, we were struck with the similarity to the Sun in card 19 The Sun of the Rider-Waite Tarot…
Another Plate in Nostradamus’ manuscript book that may well point to this conclusion is the image of the wheel Plate 35. This Plate is entitled “The Wheel of Destiny of Nations” and was so reminiscent of card 10 The Wheel of Fortune that this theory seemed to have real possibility.
Considering the two examples above, we believe there is a real possibility that Nostradamus deliberately used similar symbols to the symbols in the Major Arcana to conceal a deeper meaning. So with this in mind let us examine the image of drawing 66 not only with Mr. Ramotti’s viewpoint, but with the interpretation of the symbolism from The Rabbi’s Tarot. We will begin with the top of the page and 8-spoked wheel, which as well as appearing on The Wheel of Fortune, also appears of the robe of card 0 The Fool. The Fool symbolizes the Spiritual Soul beginning its journey through life and the 8 eight-spoked wheels on The Fool’s robe signify the cyclic nature of life. In Plate 35 The Wheel of Destiny, according to Mr. Ramotti represents change. This is especially relevant, because although the wheel appears at the top of each of the last 7 drawings, in Plate 72, the 7th and last in the series there are no spokes. Moreover, the “wheel” in image 72 looks more akin to a wreath than a wheel. Concerning Plate 72 Mr. Ramotti writes:

“The Mobius strip at the top symbolizes the cycle of eternal return from another dimension, yet we are shown a way out: the small star, which is our spiritual essence, will at last return to the great central Sun. Nostradamus greets the future generations and urges them to read his book. The scrolls, drawn in perspective, indicate his extension into time to-come. The women are watching and honoring Diana, pagan goddess of the hunt and the occult; symbolized by the deer.”

Looking at the “wreath” in Plate 72, we are reminded of the wreath in card 21 The World. It is interesting that Mr. Ramotti associates this drawing with “the cycle of return from another dimension”, because Daphna Moore says that card 21 represents the 5th Dimension of which Humanity is destined to evolve to.

Ms. Moore explains, “The direction of this card (21 The World) is “no-direction”—CENTER, or THE WITHIN. In the previous card (20 Judgement) we had, as far as the human being is concerned, the Fourth Dimension. In this card we have the Fifth Dimension, which stands for the point in the middle of the symbol of the Sun. It is the Sun that makes our space and time relations...”

The reference to wheels and cycles and different dimensions are reminiscent of the Initiative’s message. In fact, there are so many symbols within the last 7 drawings that point to the Know Thyself Initiative that we wondered if Nostradamus had foreseen the Initiative. This seemed so fantastic that we almost immediately dismissed it that was until we read his decryption of Quatrain 3 02, which read:

The divine Word will give to all substance,
Including sky and earth, occult gold at the mystic deed,
Body, soul, and spirit will be as omnipotent
At their feet as on the Heavenly throne.

Mr. Ramotti uses a special decryption to decode Nostradamus’s Quatrains, but before we get to Mr. Ramotti’s decryption, we will address our take on the validity of his interpretation. There are many dissenters of Mr. Ramotti’s work, stating that he concocts his information out of thin air and that it has no substance or any connection to Nostradamus. However, having reviewed the process we would like to offer how we see it. It is kind-of like the dissenters argument against the validity of the Bible Code in stating that secret codes could be found in other books, such as Moby Dick. Because similar information can be found elsewhere using the same method does not negate the process, on the contrary it enforces it. To explain from the consciousness perspective, it will help to think of information as packets of data encoded into the Cosmic Mind-Stuff or Universal Consciousness. This data is what we all access as Intuition using Deductive Reasoning. If you can find information that makes sense in any language then the data is valid for you. Think of it like tuning into a specific radio station that is all you are doing. Mr. Ramotti’s discovery of decoding Nostradamus’ is so incredibly complicated that we have no doubt they are valid. What is truly remarkable is that Nostradamus may not have had to invent the code, but just was inspired to write the Quatrains in such a way that at the right time, the right person would be inspired to uncover the deeper meaning. All we suggest is that you do not judge the methods, but instead ask if his interpretation makes sense and then remain open to your own Intuition.

This is what we did in reviewing Mr. Ramotti’s decryption of the Quatrain above. His decryption seemed to describe the Know Thyself Initiative, but we will let his words speak for themselves, “It is necessary to rediscover l’ars combinatorial (art of combination), that dates back to the ancient Greeks, which was further developed in the Renaissance. I believe that this kind of decrypted reading may effectively constitute the foundation for a new, computerized esoteric school, ‘an access to the inexhaustible systems of the Eternal Being’.”  Can there be a better way to describe the Initiative, whose goal is to help you all access the universal knowledge through Deductive Reasoning? This was never so relevant than when we turned our attention to Plate 66, we report what we learned in detail on our new site, on the page Nostradamus Foretold Jerusalem Event. As for the remaining 6 Plates, we will be discussing the relevance they have to the Fullness of Time in the second part of The Fullness of Time: The Mysteries Uncloaked Globe D.

Although, as I related John Hogue disputes Mr. Ramotti’s interpretation of the quatrains, it does not detract from the validity of his work. It is important to remember that although they were both members of the “Orders of the Quest”, once they incarnated they had no remembrance of their former incarnations. However, something Mr. Hogue wrote in his book reveals a deeper spiritual understanding. In commenting over Nostradamus’ Epistle to Henry II, he writes:

“The quatrains themselves point to the coming golden age at the opening of the seventh millennium around the year 2000; the Epistle, however offers two alternative time tracks…It makes me wonder if Nostradamus’ confounding calculations follow a pliable system in which the numbers change according to the time track born out of events in the present?”6

In other words the future is contingent on people’s choices and Nostradamus provided possible futures based on those choices. As for predicting the Jerusalem Event, Mr. Hogue does not explicitly mention the date April 4th 1994 as found in any quatrain, but he does mention an interesting astrological association starting the year before to quatrain 44 of century 9 page 721:

Astrologers point to the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune on 24th October 1993 as one of the most significant cosmic signs. It dates the beginning of a fire of awakening consciousness over the world…Another important celestial event is Saturn’s transit from Aquarius to Pisces in late January 1994. The two-year transit of Saturn through Pisces was meant to force us to face our spiritual attitudes.”7

Both Mr. Hogue and Mr. Ramotti had one directive and that was to disseminate their portion of the Truth to the world. To us both men have great validity in their contribution, despite their disagreement with each other. From the spiritual perspective their disagreement can also be helpful as it shows the development in consciousness from one generation to another. As stated, we feel that it is not necessary to believe Nostradamus deliberately constructed the complicated coding system discovered by Mr. Ramotti. All he needed to do was follow the guidance and leave the rest up to the spiritual progress of the Human Race. At the Fullness of time the “Orders of the Quest” knew that the consciousness of Humanity would have advanced enough to decode the messages they left.

I was surprised to discover that it was not only in the dissemination of secret knowledge that members of the “Orders of the Quest”, were operating at this time. In order for humankind to progress spiritually, it is necessary for an atmosphere of peace to exist. Although, President Bush did not deliberately set out to create chaos for the world, ultimately that was what happened. Although, as I said, since then President Bush along with his father President Bush and former Presidents Clinton and Carter are working very hard to alleviate the suffering of the poor. That said, the “Light” used the opportunity created by the economic chaos and disillusionment to bring the consciousness of one of the most honored and respected leaders to guide the country.

I have been amazed at how virulent the hatred for Barack Obama by some extreme members of the Republican Party has been. Of course most of the hatred is because he represents the Democratic Party and the atmosphere of duality has led to this extreme partisanship. I think Republicans would be surprised to learn that President Obama carries the consciousness of the greatest Republican president of all time, Abraham Lincoln. Earlier I said that I was surprised to learn that it was the Democrats that originally represented the wealthy and the Republicans the ordinary American. The switch occurred from the Civil Rights movement being engineered by the Democrats, which resulted in the Southern States switching from Democrat to Republican. Today, because of the spiritual corruption to Washington D.C. that I spoke of previously, the main casualties are members of the Republican Party. However, the Democrat Party is not immune and some of their members have been infused with a lower consciousness. In fact any politician that was in Congress from 1980 may have difficulty in accepting change and vehemently fight for the status quo.
I must reiterate that I am not speaking of politics here, but rather spiritual influence that retards spiritual progress. We have witnessed what President Obama is up against and yet because he represents the “Light”, I believe he will prevail. The world sensed the shift, which was demonstrated by his world-wide popularity before his election and his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after only a few months in office.
Nonetheless, he is one man and cannot achieve the “Light’s” goals alone and needs the people of the world to help him. The main source for help is the Baby Boomers that have begun to awaken who are in positions of influence, but it is also the general public that can determine whether the “Light” succeeds in creating a safe environment for us to spiritually grow.
President Obama was chosen by the “Light” to lead Humanity into a new era. The road will be far from easy, but if we can learn to work for the common goal then we will succeed. Unfortunately, the “Shadow” will not give up “his” fight to maintain the status quo and retard any and all spiritual progress. Those of us that are waking up must speak up when we recognize “his” hand in affairs. A good example is the newly formed “Tea Party.” The name is meant to imply that the “party” represents the same ideals of the Founding Fathers, but nothing could be further from the Truth. These individuals are unwittingly furthering the “Shadow’s” aim by dividing the country by constantly attacking President Obama’s policies. So what are the policies that will lead us to spiritually progress? The answer lies in our attitude to the consumption of energy.


Increasingly, we are seeing evidence of Climate Change caused by Global Warming. The scientists alarm bells are getting louder and louder. The question now is “are we too late? Fortunately, the answer is no, we still have time, but not much. However, the world cannot stop Climate Change by simply reducing carbon emissions; we have to stop them altogether. Obviously, this cannot be accomplished overnight, but there is good news. If we can show intent in that we recognize the need to change then we will access the Divine help to change the energy. This is the beautiful Truth about the critical mass of 777,000 changing the way they think. But to many this will sound too fantastic for our material world. The question is how can 777,000 changing the way they think, clean up carbon emissions. Before I answer that let me discuss what I mean about changing attitudes about energy consumption.
All living beings require energy to survive and at the basic level this energy is supplied in the form of food. The Book of Genesis states that in the beginning the first man and woman were vegetarians, but after Noah’s Flood they were permitted to eat the flesh of certain animals. In 1994, neither Craig nor I were vegetarians, but we stopped eating meat a few years later; me first and then Craig. For me it was a matter of being asked to, for Craig a choice to join me. Today we understand that the saying “we are what we eat”, has more relevance than we thought. We learned of this in a surprising way; from an excerpt in an inspired fictional book called The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight8 by James Redfield. We reported our discovery in TPS:

“Craig and Suzzan continued to study every Sunday and it was during one such Sunday that they were afforded the understanding why they needed to become vegetarians. As stated earlier, Suzzan became a vegetarian in 1997. At that time, God told them Suzzan must have no blood, which meant she could have the white of eggs but not the yokes. However, after reading James Redfield’s The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight the light went on, so to speak. Although the book is fictional, it contains some amazing insights. For instance, its explanation of the need to eat vegetables was very illuminating. The plot continues from Redfield’s previous books, with the hero traveling to the Himalayas in search of the eleventh insight. In Tibet, he meets the mysterious “Hawi” who tells the hero, “When anything dies... the cells of the body immediately lose their vibration and become very acid in chemistry. That acid state is the signal to the microbes of the world, the viruses, bacteria, and fungi, that it is time to decompose this dead tissue.” This is their purpose for existence; “to return a body back to the earth...” “Hawi” continues, “When our bodies drop in energy because of the kinds of foods we are eating, it makes us susceptible to disease. Here’s how that works. When we eat food, they are metabolized and leave a waste or ash in our bodies. This ash is either acidic in nature or alkaline, depending on the food. If it is alkaline, then it can be quickly extracted from our bodies with little energy. However, if these waste products are acidic, they are very hard for the blood and lymph system to eliminate and they are stored in our organs and tissues as solids -- low vibrational crystalline forms that create blocks or disruptions in the vibratory levels of our cells.” When the body becomes acidic enough, Hawi tells the hero “a microbe” will emerge to begin decomposition, which is nature’s way. When any living thing dies, its carcass rapidly becomes acidic, which is the cue for as Hawi said “viruses, bacteria, and fungi” to begin their work.9
When Craig and Suzzan read this, it had made perfect sense. When we eat the dead flesh of an animal, we are taking on death, whereas, in the consumption of fruit and vegetables we are taking on life. It reminded Suzzan of what she had discovered on her journey. While researching the second book Love the Common Denominator, she had learned how the Life Principle evolves into higher and higher life forms…”

The ancient Mysteries taught that not everyone needed to abstain from meat; only those individuals wanting to raise their vibrations. Most people can spiritually help, by changing their attitude in other areas. One of those areas is in understanding that as we evolve everything changes; including how we use energy. As technology has developed old methods are left behind for newer more efficient methods. This is the dynamic nature of knowledge. Unfortunately, the natural progression of energy use has been delayed by the manipulation of the “Shadow.” I was pleased to hear a gradual shift to energy efficient cars in the form of hybrids and the new hydrogen cell cars appeared to offer great promise. However, after learning that in the 90s, General Motors had not only developed an electric car, but also built several cars, I wondered why almost two decades later the roads were not filled with electric cars. I found my answer in a transcript of an interview by the host of NOW with David Brancaccio on June 9th 2006 on PBS. The interview was with the producer of the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car” with Chris Paine.

In the interview Mr. Paine relates that due to bad air quality in Los Angeles during the 90s where “one in four kids had lung lesions and cancer…General Motors had built an electric car, and they had one at the L.A. Auto Show.”
Mr. Brancaccio offers “they passed these rules in 1990 that by 1998 about two percent of these cars would have to be all electric, and by the year 2003, three years ago, what would it be up to, about ten percent?”
Affirming Mr. Brancaccio’s comment, Mr. Paine explains that initially many states were in favor of the concept of an electric car and all eyes were on California. Having driven an electric car, he relates the misconception of the general public in thinking of them like “golf carts or …like it was in 1900.” On the contrary Mr. Paine states that they are “incredibly fast. And almost totally quiet, just like a spaceship taking off…”
To test the viability of the electric car, General Motors leased them to customers to drive. They turned out to be a great success as people loved that to recharge the cars they only needed to be “plugged it in at home overnight.” Despite the success of the trial leases, inexplicably “one day, the car was taken away…”
As several of the lessees were wealthy, they offered to buy their electric cars, but to no avail the car manufacturers were adamant they must be returned. So what happened to them? Amazingly, Mr. Paine relates that they were all “destroyed”. It seems that not only General Motors wanted no part in the electric car, acknowledge fuel efficiency car companies like Toyota and Honda also wanted no part in the electric car.
The obvious question is why would anyone destroy something so good for the planet? After Mr. Brancaccio asks, "Was there really a demand" for the elctric car, Mr. Paine adamantly affirms that “every single electric car that was made, people wanted.” Then he relates the reason he believes the car companies destroyed the electric car. Because of the importance of the information, I relate the most relevant parts of the interview:

…Gasoline was $1.50 a gallon and people were in love with SUVs…Clearly, of course, by now, 2006, the time for the electric car should be here, and it's unfortunate that they don't have any to sell. But even then, even when these cars came out, the way they tried to sell these cars to the consumers is almost sort of reverse psychology…the car would look like it was being introduced in the middle of nuclear winter or something…The ads had this dark, scary look…this is really the heart of the movie. It's like why would car companies destroy the very car they created in the first place…the thing is that car companies since -- for 100 years have been selling the internal combustion engine, and that's an engine that needs to be fixed and re – repairs…
BRANCACCIO: What? There's less maintenance on electric cars?
PAINE: …there's almost no maintenance, because there's no internal combustion engine. So there's no carburetor. There's no tune-ups. There's no air filters to change. There's not even a transmission. So the electric car really challenges the whole fundamental business structure for the car companies. And unfortunately the -- the electric car's another problem. It doesn't use any oil. So, the electric car instantly goes after two bedrock industries in the country, and that makes it a very difficult sell…

From a spiritual progress perspective, we need to change our energy, which means changing how we procure it. Naturally, without the use of fossil fuels the Industrial Revolution would not have happened and there is no doubt that this form of energy has advanced civilization. Still, the name “fossil” explains why we need to be moving away from this form of energy. Fossil fuel is from the past and is of a denser nature energetically than other kinds of energy. Think of what coal is made from, dead vegetation that has transformed into coal over millions of years. As for oil, I had found that Immanuel Velikovsky’s theory that the world oil deposits were caused by the hydrocarbons of a comet passing close to the earth approximately 3,000 years ago eminently plausible.
Surprisingly, nuclear energy is not as dense, but as its use produces nuclear waste, not to mention the Chernobyl disaster, it has not been a viable option in most people’s eyes. However, if we change the way we think about nuclear energy and stop associating it to nuclear weapons then we will be able to access the means to reuse the energy safely without harming the environment. For now the best form of energy for spiritual progress are the green methods of wind, solar and water, but there are so many ways to create electricity that we could be fossil fuel free very quickly, if we only have the intent.

Obviously, the eradication of fossil fuels cannot occur overnight, but if we trust that it can be done and not listen to the oil company’s fear-mongering about the loss of jobs it will happen. Of course the “Shadow” will stir up individuals to block the change in every way “he” can. A prime example is the fact that a few weeks after president Obama announces his permission to allow off-shore oil-drilling, “he” instigates one of the worst environmental disasters in history to occur, simply by influencing an individual to act in an unwise way. I am not excusing the BP representative for his actions, just merely pointing out how easy it is for the “Shadow” to sabotage progress.
Nevertheless, as I said, all we need to do is show intent to access Divine help. The knowledge to fix any and all problems, including the safe dissolution of oil in sea water is available; it only takes one open-minded individual to access it. This is how The Mysteries are applied practically; a critical mass of people, 777,000 change the way they think. When this happens our entire manufacturing and business world will change, but the change will eventually be for the better. The types of industry will change with the creation of new jobs and innovations in manufacturing.

In general, spirituality is associated to scriptures that speak of the Divine’s role in our lives in mystical terms. However, in reality, spiritual life cannot be separated from ordinary everyday life. This is because our spiritual development depends on every thought, emotion and decision we make. I did not really grasp the importance of applying spiritual principles in every day life until I learned about the 7 levels of knowledge from P.D. Ouspensky’s –IN SEARCH OF the MIRACULOUS, FRAGMENTS OF AN UNKNOWN TEACHING. Earlier I mentioned how the mystic “G’s” take on the different levels of religion was extremely helpful but it was Mr. Ouspensky relating the mystic “G’s” teaching on the different levels of knowledge that revealed why spiritual principles should be applied every day. He writes that “G” said: “The knowledge of man number seven is his own knowledge, which cannot be taken away from him; it is the objective and completely practical knowledge of All.”10 The quote reveals that the highest level of knowledge is not some vague mystical repertoire, but real usable knowledge to benefit Humanity.

Talking about benefiting Humanity, throughout this thesis I have spoken of the mysterious members of the “Orders of the Quest” who are subliminally influenced to preserve the sacred knowledge and ensure its transmission from one generation to another. I have already identified several members that have returned to enhance their knowledge and disseminate it throughout the world. Nonetheless, there are other members that facilitated advances of the culture. We discovered the identity of one such member when we were looking for financial support to find the 777,000.
The best way to obtain financial support for the project was to obtain a grant from another organization. In searching the web we were led to the John Templeton Foundation and were amazed at how much Sir John’s views matched our own. This was particularly evident in the “Philanthropic Vision of Sir John Templeton:”

It is a novel concept, but maybe one of the purposes of god is progress. This may touch upon a deep mystery: the purpose of freedom and the openness of creativity in the cosmos. If the cosmos and our own minds have this capacity, then maybe our activities have great usefulness and great potentiality in the creator’s designs…[Possibilities, p. 37]

Evidence indicates that the rate of spiritual development is accelerating. Throughout the two hundred thousand years of our history as a species, there have been periods of gradual growth, followed by rapid development. . . . Now, a new vision of our place and purpose in the cosmos is unfolding. Possibly, we may be setting the stage for a giant leap forward in our spiritual understanding. [Wisdom, p. xxii]

Modern science has revolutionized our understanding of the world. This is quite obvious. But what impact have these developments had on our knowledge of God? How do we see human beings fitting into the overall scheme? We know very little—probably less than 1 percent of what can be discovered—about God and fundamental spiritual principles. [Wisdom, p. 80]

Our five human senses are able to comprehend only a small portion of the mysteries, forces, and spiritual realities surrounding us. Our scientific and technological achievements, while impressive, are nevertheless but a first faltering step on the road to ever greater knowledge of this wonderful cosmos, including its invisible and intangible intelligences and realities. [Possibilities, p. 59]

Although we seem to be the most sophisticated species at present on our planet, perhaps we should not think of our place as at the end of cosmogenesis…Possibly, we can become servants of creation or even helpers in divine creativity. Possibly, we are a new beginning, the first creatures in the history of life on earth to participate consciously in the ongoing creative process. [Possibilities, p. 41]

This is the blossoming time in human creation. Evolution is accelerating. Progress is accelerating. One of god’s great blessings to human beings is change, and the present acceleration of change in the world is an overflowing of this blessing. Should those who love god devote over 1 percent of income to research for new additional spiritual information to supplement the wonderful ancient scriptures? [Possibilities, p. 43]

… A beneficial religion should welcome competition …Only an inferior religion needs to discourage competition, lest its inferiority be exposed for all the world to see. The long history of evolution of plant and animal varieties would seem to indicate that competition is one of god’s chosen methods of developing novel and fruitful forms of life in his accelerating creativity. Why should it be different in the realm of spirit and religion? [Possibilities, p. 122]

Christians think god appeared in Jesus of Nazareth two thousand years ago for our salvation and education. But should we take it to mean that education and progress stopped there, that Jesus was the end of change, the end of time? Is such a notion compatible with the divine, free, open, creative nature of the universe? To say that god cannot reveal himself in a decisive way again, because he did it once centuries ago, can seem sacrilegious. [Possibilities, p. 38]

The laws of the spirit refer to patterns of voluntary human behavior, not to the involuntary behavior of physical objects. A person is free to choose to act in accord with these spiritual laws or to try to defy them. This being the case, the patterns which these laws express are not uniformly exhibited by humans at all times. Rather, they represent the ideal patterns to which humans may aspire. Conformity to the laws of the spirit is a free choice of all responsible humans. So perhaps, to avoid misunderstandings, we should call them spiritual principles. [Possibilities, p. 154]

Perhaps only about one child in a million is born with talents which seem almost superhuman in one or more ways. Why does god’s process of evolution produce these rare geniuses on earth? Is it the divine plan that they should help all people to progress? The one in a million who contributes a new idea to humanity can be a blessing to billions, which helps god’s creation continue to progress. [Possibilities, p. 43]

In addition to the geniuses given more-than-human minds, god also creates saints and prophets gifted with more-than-human souls. A prophet is a pioneer in the vast uncharted regions of the spirit. For spiritual progress to flourish, do we need to cultivate interest and humility to listen carefully and learn from such people, recognizing their important gifts? [Possibilities, pp. 43-44]

Sir John therefore urged strong support for those exceptional people who will lead the search for new spiritual information:

Bestowing technology and know-how on people in poor nations is a blessing; but the lasting blessing may be people who can radiate love and joy as they research and teach the basic spiritual realities, which then lead to progress, improved skills, spiritual wealth, and also material prosperity. Who can devise additional scientific or statistical research to test these concepts? [Possibilities, p. 129]

Sir John’s aim was to liberate and empower the human mind, to encourage people to overcome their passivity and fatalism and to ask probing questions about life and existence. Humility and open-mindedness provided the surest path, he believed, to both material and spiritual progress.

I think the above clearly identifies Sir John Templeton as a member of the “Orders of the Quest.” Sir John’s and all the philanthropic foundations demonstrate the power of the Divine to work over long periods of time. Sir John was born in 1912 and his legacy still continues to promote the search for the Truth. However, we find it particularly interesting, even coincidental that he died one month after we launched the Know Thyself Initiative in July 2008.


Considering that Easter Sunday in 2010 falls on April 4th, we have come full circle from that life-changing moment 16 years ago. It was our experience in Jerusalem of the conflict in a Holy city that should be full of love which prompted the initial investigation into the origins of religions. What I discovered led me to expand the study into the nature of human consciousness and evolution, which developed into this thesis with its focus on Spiritual Evolution.
Basically this thesis is in two divisions, the first division is the two-part examination of The Mysteries through their mystical elements, which include archetypes, astrological connections, symbols, colors, and numbers. The second division is examining existence from the spiritual, energetic and consciousness perspective. At this point, I think I should share my thoughts on my journey.

In Full Circle: The Mysteries Uncloaked Part One, I related that the so-called “fall” of the Human Race allegorically depicted in the Garden of Eden story was referring to the genetic manipulation of the native hominid species in 40,000 B.C.E. Recapping excerpts of what was said from page 12 under the sub-section “GENETIC MANIPULATION”:

“Sometime after, 41,040 B.C.E., no one knows exactly when, a race of extraterrestrials visited the Earth, looking to mine the minerals of the planet…
Because, the extraterrestrials did not want to do the heavy work of mining themselves, they decided to create a workforce from one of the native hominid species. The species chosen was the Cro-Magnons, because to the aliens they were the least intellectually developed…
At first, the aliens were unsuccessful as they tried to “splice” the genes of animals and hominids. The result of this effort is recorded in the various myths of half-animal-half-man monsters. Eventually, they decided to “splice” their own genes onto the Cro-Magnons, resulting in the species of Homo Sapien sapiens. The question that begs to be answered is “why didn’t the aliens just enslave the Cro-Magnons?” The answer is found in the Tablets of Nineveh, which I reported in the chapter Whence the Origin of Evil? in LCD:

“Earlier, in his book, Sitchin goes into great detail about how the gods engrafted their DNA onto the native species. Something he mentioned veritably leaped off the page. It concerned a tablet or plate describing the nature of the chosen hominid species. The text reports how one of the gods complained of the behavior of the “ape-man.” “He filled the pits that I had dug, he tore up my traps which I had set; the beasts and creatures of the steppe he has made slip through my hands.”
Apparently these “savages” (the hominids) were grass eaters and lived in perfect harmony with their environment. This is a very different depiction of the brutish carnivorous cavemen that I had previously thought were the human race’s ancestor. What I had found most interesting was their determination to impede the hunters, by sabotaging the hunt. Compared to the “gods” the hominids seemed to me a lot more civilized…”

If we read Genesis, we find “…Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of the tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” From this, as I said it would appear that the Cro-Magnons were vegetarians and therefore actively worked against the aliens, explaining why the aliens couldn’t just enslave them. The next question I had was “then why not just use the animals?” The answer was obvious when I heard it; they required “workers” with hands who could use tools and follow simple directions. As I said, the various myths of half-man-half-animal monsters are relating the aliens attempt to “splice” the genes of humans and animals. It would appear that they chose beasts of burden or cattle to mix with the Cro-Magnons, as seen in the mythical Centaur and Minotaur.
Initially, like most hybrids the new species could not interbreed and therefore their numbers could be strictly controlled. However, as I reported, some investigators believe that the various Garden of Eden’s stories could be relating that one of the alien geneticists succeeded in creating a fertile couple. Once procreation was established, the workforce of Humanity grew rapidly. Because the new species contained genes from the alien race, they soon adopted the natures of their genetic parents, becoming aggressive and combative. Eventually, this resulted in the rebellion against their “lords” and masters.

The above is what I’d been led to discover occurred from the physical perspective. Unfortunately, as I said earlier, the ramifications from the spiritual evolutionary perspective were disastrous. Before the Human Race was genetically altered, human beings were evolving without the hindrance of the counterfeit spirit. Therefore there was no need for the Divine to interfere with the natural course of life. Unfortunately, afterwards it was a very different story. The strong instead of protecting the weak, victimized them and it truly became a case of survival of the fittest. This was the opposite of the goal of spiritual evolution to work together in cooperation and unity to transform all matter back to Spirit.
Unfortunately, because of the spark of God or the Spirit being within the elements of Earth, the Human Race could co-create through their thoughts and emotions. Even so, the most disastrous result was that it affected the entire Soul Plane. Now, Humanity’s thoughts and emotions took form and became the World Soul. This entity, at first had no consciousness of its own. Nonetheless, as the ages past, it became infused with more and more of Humanity’s thoughts and emotions. Until at last, it finally became fully conscious within the Soul Plane.
Curiously, it wasn’t until this happened that the epic struggle could begin to overcome the actions of the aliens. Because The Creator/Demiurge was also a part of the Soul Plane, he too was affected, and became the judge, jury and executioner of anything he saw as detrimental to Spiritual Evolution…The Astral Plane had been created with the Soul Plane as a means to teach the Life Principle’s souls in between incarnations how to access the Divine Spark. When the aliens genetically altered the Cro-Magnons, The Creator only divided what was already there. So after the Human Race was genetically manipulated, initially to correct the problem, The Creator reduced the life span and created three separate levels in the Astral Plane. These were Kama Loka, Devachan and Avichi, which acted as barriers to separate the purer souls and forces from the baser ones.
On Earth, periodic natural disasters in the forms of global floods removed the genetic failures. Plus, one of the meanings for the Bible story of the Tower of Babel is that the Human Race began to work together against their masters. The natural catastrophe that scattered the Human Race across the world also resulted in the aliens abandoning their project of mining the Earth. Only a small remnant remained on Earth to rule as god-kings, until they too died out. This period is recorded on the Sumerian Tablets of Nineveh.
Unfortunately, because the aliens were genetically linked to the Human Race, all of the aliens remained connected to Humanity psychically through the Astral Plane. It didn’t matter whether or not they were physically on the Earth; the aliens could stay connected, influencing the Human Race through dreams and visions.
In writing the above, I spent a great deal of time talking to God. The last thing I wanted to do was sound like a fanatic conspiracist. How it was explained to me, was that the information is given in order to understand why the world is the way it is and to show that there is a Divine plan to correct it. The most important thing God wants us to know, is that the aliens have absolutely NOTHING!!!, to do with the plan. They are just permitted to watch from afar, which is why although there have been multiple sightings of UFOs; as yet, no craft has landed on the White House lawn!
In the past, certain alien species did assist Humanity, but that time has past. Now any being that contacts a human being through channeling, visions or dreams is not working for God!!! In fact anyone that purports to tell you someone from outside can “save” you is actually working against your best interests.”

In regard to the above, I had identified the alien race that genetically altered Cro-Magnon as from the Pleiades. However, it was watching a recent four-part documentary on Youtube by David Wilcock that filled in the final blanks for me on Evolution. The documentary called, 2012 Event Horizon: Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age concerned his theory that Life is affected periodically by “Tortion Fields” emitted from the center of the Milky Way that rewrite the DNA.
AWFN14FOT-4To support his theory, Mr. Wilcock had produced a computer generated model depicting these waves radiating out from the center of the galaxy. He proposes that these “waves” are responsible for the shifts in evolution that changed the species on the Earth. Interestingly, he also related that the DNA molecule is an “energy pattern or wave, which is found everywhere throughout the universe.” These “waves” are depicted in drawings of concentric circles in multiple cave drawings. Moreover, he theorizes that the “alien” races are human and look like us. This immediately started me thinking.
First, I believe his theory of “Tortion Field waves” affecting the development of life by rewriting the DNA depicted in drawings of concentric circles is correct. As it is known that there is a black hole at the center of the galaxy it makes perfect sense that the Life-Principle “wave” would emanate through the black hole into the galaxy. In The Relevance of The Doctrine of Rounds and Root-Races Today, we produced a diagram to demonstrate how the different Globes were within one another:

Moving on to Mr. Wilcock relating that the DNA molecule is an “energy pattern or wave” that is “found everywhere throughout the universe.” I was reminded that I had discovered the Neanderthals species’ DNA was not the same as Cro-Magnons. Recalling that the purpose of existence was to transform the Elements back into Spirit, I felt this information was extremely important. Consequently, I want to recap the relevant excerpt from the chapters Genesis versus Evolution and The Seed of Adam and the Confused Lip in LCD:

“…The fossil evidence shows that Neanderthal man occupied an area from Europe to the Near East and that he first appears on the scene around 135,000 B.C.E., disappearing from the fossil record approximately 100,000 years later. The main debate between the two camps is whether or not modern man has evolved from Neanderthal man. The “multi-regional” point of view comes from the different racial types throughout the world. This, they believe is evidence of the many different adaptations made by the species Homo erectus when he left Africa. Alternately, the ‘separate species’ proponents believe that Neanderthal man is an independent species that lost the survival of the fittest war with archaic sapiens. To support their position, they point to the evidence of sites found in Israel where it is believed that both Neanderthal man and archaic sapiens shared a relatively small area.
In Anthropology, then, everything is hunky dory until about 40,000 B.C.E. Then the historical record becomes less clear. In Origins Reconsidered: In Search for What Makes Us Human,11 Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin point out the archeological evidence, which shows that the appearance of modern man seems to have been a single event that happened in an isolated area (Africa). These modern humans then inexplicably replaced all other hominid species, including the Neanderthals.
The author of The Neanderthal Enigma,12 James Shreeve also raises questions. He puzzles over the apparent stagnation of archaic man for 50,000 years before making a sudden change. The archeological evidence points to an abrupt and dramatic advance in human civilization, around 40,000 B.C.E. This information reminded me of the fact that Neanderthal man, disappeared from the fossil record just five thousand years later. Mr. Shreeve stresses that the change from, archaic man to Homo Sapien sapiens was a relatively recent event in terms of evolution. He adds that it is a mistake to consider a human being as just another “animal.” Citing the fact of numerous stories of multiple Adams and Eves, which predate the Bible by several thousand years, he appears to believe that we are a separate creation from the rest of evolution.13
Ian Tattersall, in his book, The Fossil Trail, How We Know What We Think We Know About Human Evolution14 also doesn’t think that Darwin’s theory of natural selection can explain everything. He explains the shortcomings of the evolution theory by pointing out that if we merely “shift” genes, all we end up with are mutations of the same species i.e. different breeds of dogs. The fossil record shows that not only are there great physical changes; such as size observed, but complete “new species” have suddenly appeared.15
Mr. Tattersall believes this problem remains to be satisfactorily explained by evolutionists…the evolution of a single cell could occur by some chemical mishap; nevertheless, that cannot account for the multitude of more complicated life forms, which inhabit the Earth.

“Another anomaly concerns Neanderthal man. Where did he come from? Most anthropologists believe that all the fossil evidence points to the original species of man coming from Africa. Yet, the remains of Neanderthals are found only in Europe and the Near East. Another question that arose was the brief time the species had existed. Neanderthals are supposed to have appeared 150, 00 B.C.E. and inexplicably vanished from the fossil record around 34,000 B.C.E.
I had noticed a strange coincidence surrounding the 10,000 years between 40,000 B.C.E. and 30,000 B.C.E. These 10,000 years kept cropping up repeatedly. It appeared to me that in a mere blink of the eye, in evolutionary terms, something remarkable had happened. For instance, I remembered that the archeological record had shown a vast improvement in the making of tools at this time. In fact, paleontologists date the appearance of ‘truly modern man’ at around 40,000 B.C.E. Was it a coincidence that within 6,000 years Neanderthal man would become extinct? That period also had the first evidence of cave drawings, burial of the dead, and the adornment of jewelry…
Although, scientists of the 1800’s understood the concept of genetics, it wasn’t until 1968 that geneticists would discover the D.N.A. helix. Today DNA evidence is considered as foolproof in a court of law, which has resulted in many convictions. In fact, the only recourse defense lawyers have is to say the sample was contaminated or planted by some disgruntled law official. However, for the past four decades it has been put to another, less sensational purpose, namely to search for our origins…
Genetics appears to solve many debates over the origin of modern man. It agrees with the fossil evidence that there were three hominid species living in two million B.C.E. and that only one survived past 1 million B.C.E. It has also been able to determine that there is a huge evolutionary gap of 5 million years between the emergence of the first hominid and the Homo genus. Another interesting fact discovered by molecular genetics is a change in diet coinciding with the arrival of the Homo genus. It appears that with the emergence of the new genus Homo, there is also the first evidence of carnivorism…
As genetics began to gain acceptance among the scientific community, the debate over the origins of modern humans heated up. Some evolutionists chose to dismiss the evidence revealed by genetics as invalid. However, others examined the new science’s cache of evidence and concluded they needed to re-examine their previous findings. With this, many new questions arose to challenge the natural selection theory of interminably slow changes and adaptations, leading to us.
There are several ways the geneticists gather the evidence to determine the origin of mankind; the most obvious is through the genetic markers in blood groups. Today this research has led to several conclusions. First that modern man originated somewhere in the sub-Sahara region of Africa, just after 200,000 B.C.E. Second that there are no Neanderthal genes in the world’s population today.
I recollected that anthropologists believe that the fossil evidence indicates Neanderthal man first appeared around a hundred and fifty thousand years ago in Europe and the Near East. If Cro-Magnon man (Homo sapiens) originated from Africa around 200,000 B.C.E., and does not contain any Neanderthal genes, then that means we are a separate species. However, there is another problem that arises from this evidence. Nearly all anthropologists believe that the genus Homo erectus left Africa to inhabit the Old World around a million years ago. If we have no Neanderthal genes then we cannot have evolved from them. So where did the Neanderthals come from?
Today geneticists have made what they call a genetic tree from which they divide the world’s population into seven major groups. The tree indicates that around 100,000 years ago, the first population of modern man, which was African, split into two branches forming the African branch and the Asian and Australian branch. Then around 40,000, B.C.E. (that date again) the Europeans split from the Asian branch forming the Caucasian branch. The African branch has experienced very little change since the first split, however, the Asian branch has diversified to produce all the other populations in the world today.”16

Considering that the “around 100,000 years ago, the first split within Homo Sapien sapiens into “the African branch and the Asian and Australian branch” it is very interesting to learn from Mr. Wilcock that every blue-eyed person can trace their heritage back to a single individual 100,000 years ago living near the Black Sea. He believes that the Caucasian or white-skin and blue-eyes racial trait was formed when an “alien” mated with a female member of the native Homo Sapien sapiens. I suspect that he may be right, because there is ample evidence in the Bible to support this supposition. Nonetheless, returning to my earlier statement that the purpose for existence was to transmute the elements back into Spirit, Mr. Wilcock seems to support this proposition when he relates that there is no difference between organic and inanimate matter; organic matter is merely more complex. Taking into account everything I had learned plus David Wilcock’s information I was able to formulate the theory below:

  • The Life-Principle has been affected in Tortion Field waves rewriting the DNA. Also that these “waves” emanating from the Soul Plane through the black hole at the center of the galaxy represent the various Globes with their respective Root-Races. These “Tortion Fields” periodically cause mass extinctions, resulting in a higher form of the Life-Principle.
  • The DNA molecule pattern or wave is common throughout the universe; however, the carriers of the highest consciousness of the Life-Principle on Earth were unique, as their role was to transmute the elements back into Spirit.
  • Sometime during the 3rd Root-Race the Pleiadians (watchers) came to earth to mine the minerals and genetically altered the native species, Cro-Magnons through cloning them and adding their DNA.
  • The genetic manipulation resulted in a separation of the energetic masculine and feminine principles in the Cro-Magnon leading to an imbalance in their energy and the insertion of the counterfeit spirit.
  • The Cro-Magnon brothers, the Neanderthals remained unaffected and resisted their “lord’s” rule and continued to protect the animals from their traps.
  • Eventually, an alien scientist succeeded in helping the genetically altered Cro-Magnons to procreate (Garden of Eden).
  • Once the Cro-Magnons numbers grew because of the imbalance between the masculine and feminine they became aggressive and made war with their “brothers” the Neanderthals. (Cain and Abel)
  • To prevent the Cro-Magnons becoming overwhelming, not to mention destroying the Neanderthals, the aliens (watchers) created natural disasters (Noah’s Flood). The aliens ensured the survival of the Life-Principle by creating a DNA bank (Noah’s Ark) to protect it. The Neanderthals were wiped out and became extinct leaving the earth with the more aggressive Homo Sapien sapiens.
  • The imbalance in the highest consciousness of the Life-Principle, the human beings caused the creation of the World Soul from the lower thoughts and emotions of the Human Race. Eventually, this entity gained full consciousness, which facilitated the Divine Realm or “Light” to begin the correction of the (watchers) mistake.

Although this synopsis may seem implausible, every aspect fitted with the data I have gathered over the past 16 years. However, there is just one more thing I need to address about Humanity’s origins in respect to the “watcher’s mistake. Having determined that around 40,000, B.C.E. the Pleiadians (watchers) visited earth and interfered with our Spiritual evolution, I had wondered what happened to them. It was only recently watching the series Ancient Aliens that I learned the answer. The episode concerned an investigation into the Hindu Scriptures the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad-Gita which reported devastating destruction in pre-historic times in which “sky” battles between “cities” took place above them in which the “cities” threw weapons at one another. The narrator related that there is evidence of radiation from nuclear explosions in India in ancient ruins. I realized that the “watchers” who broke the rules and interfered with us did not get off scot-free; other “watchers” (extraterrestrials) came to the earth and removed (sky battles) the Pleiadians and ensured the development of the Life-principle continued unmolested from that time forward. They have continued to “watch” us in secret ever since.
The reason I am addressing this now, is because recently there has been reports that the aliens are brainwashing the Human Race by subliminal messages. These reports accurately state that Humanity was genetically altered; however, their claim that the aliens are walking among us to control us is clearly a “Shadow” maneuver as it is designed to create division. Let me clearly state that although there are multiple aliens “watchers” observing us they are forbidden to interfere in anyway unless we invite them. Consequently, as long as we only connect through our hearts with the Divine, they have absolutely no access to us.

Returning to my discussion on David Wilcock’s documentary, surprisingly it provided me with further evidence that the Human Race is supposed to transform. He relates that the Great Pyramid at Giza is a six-sided figure, because it is missing its capstone. In the chapter Shamanic Journeys TPS we related how in 1999, Hermione had suggested that I might be the capstone:

“Most of the channeling sessions, Craig and Suzzan did not converse directly with the spirit inhabiting Hermione. However, there were a few times when the spirit addressed them personally. For instance, when someone had asked a question of the spirit and Suzzan had felt compelled to say something; the spirit had said, “Listen to them, they are Wise.”
Later when Hermione had come out of the trance, Craig and Suzzan asked her about the comment. Thinking for a moment, she said, “Perhaps you are the Capstone.” Not having a clue what she was talking about, they inquired what a capstone was. “A capstone is the final stone on top of a pyramid. But symbolically it means one who holds the knowledge.” No nearer to understanding, they put it out of their mind.”

Although we had dismissed the strange incident, both Craig and I were surprised to be led to a book that addressed the mysterious capstone. Evidently:

“…The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch …is supposedly a channeled work, where a spirit calling himself “Enoch” gives esoteric messages through the author, J. J. Hurtak. Within its very strange pages, they found: “When humanity can find the spiritual Israel within and the knowledge and alignment of the great pyramid without, they can place the capstone of spiritual freedom upon the foundations of this world.”
Confused? Craig and Suzzan were. Further on “Enoch” explains to the author, that when humanity unlocks the “pyramid-Sphinx” which will enable them to utilize “the consciousness meridians which connect the twelve energy vortices of the world to the pyramid-Sphinx,” they will arrive at the brink in which “energy vehicles” are able to transport humanity to the next stage of evolution. Interestingly, “Enoch” also states that the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau was erected on a site “where the magnetic fields under the earth, those on the surface of the earth, and those on the celestial fields all cross so that fields of alignment are direct.”
In another place, Craig and Suzzan read, ‘All spiritual and mathematical knowledge is modeled in the Great Pyramid. It is also the point of convergence for all the major time warp areas throughout the world. Therefore, it is at this point on the earth that all of the geomagnetic grids on the earth converge to receive the capstone’.”

Despite seeing the validity of the capstone representing my mission to uncloak The Mysteries, I did not believe that I was literally the capstone. Still, as I could find no real answers I had basically forgotten about it. However, when David Wilcock mentioned the missing capstone made the Great Pyramid a six-sided figure, it intrigued me. He went on to explain that the number six means imperfection and when the capstone is replaced the Great Pyramid will become a five-sided figure the number of perfection. At this point I saw Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, with the human being portrayed as a five-sided figure. According to the entry on Wikipedia: “The drawing itself is often used as an implied symbol of the essential symmetry of the human body, and by extension, of the universe as a whole.” Suddenly I understood, it is my mission to decode the information on how to transform that is the capstone, not me personally.

As we approach the year 2012 the realization that we are living in a time of change is growing stronger every day. In the 60s this “change” was associated with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Something that has always puzzled me is why so may people are expecting a change in ages in 2012, because normally a precessional age is 2160 years. If the Age of Pisces, as this thesis supposes began in 0.C.E., then 2012 is 148 years earlier. Yet all the prophecies point to 2012 as being the end of the Age of Pisces; how can that be?
Mulling this problem over, I was reminded that February only has 28 days and the sun-sign Pisces falls between February 21st and March 21st meaning that Pisces is shorter than all the other sun-signs. Recalling the rhyme to help children remember how many days in the months, it seemed odd that four months “September, April, June and November” have 30 days, while “the rest” January, March, May, July, August, October and December have 31 days.
Quite frankly it seemed ridiculous that one month of the year would be named less than a lunar month. In fact the entry for February on Wikipedia “it is the only month of the year that can pass without a single full moon.” Obviously there was some important reason for assigning only 28 days to February, so I did a little digging.
First I ascertained from the entry that February “was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa held on February 15 in the old Roman calendar.” Not surprisingly the month of February was associated with a Roman god. His name was Februus and according to his entry “In Roman mythology, Februus was the god of the dead and purification. He was also worshipped by the Etruscans…”

As we are now in the Age of Pisces, which is also about purification through transformation, I suspected that the “Light” had a hand in the subliminal message passed through history by the length of days for February. I was also reminded of the Car of History statue I discussed in Section 13:

“In his book David Ovason addresses the astrological influence behind the statue of the Car of History. Nonetheless, it was his later connection of an engraving of the Universal Mother Goddess to Franzoni’s sculpture that reveals the spiritual relevance and determines the true message of this remarkable work of art…Mr. Ovason explains that Clio’s “feet” are positioned on the segment of the zodiac in which Virgo’s opposite sign Pisces is located. Interestingly, Clio’s association with Pisces shows that she engages in a polarity shift in order “to emerge into time from eternity.” …The “zodiacal circle represents eternity—that which (like Clio) is free of time: the Virgin herself, along with a number of associated zodiacal signs, has wrenched herself free, and has emerged from the Archetypal world into the material realm.” Ultimately then Mr. Ovason relates that Franzoni’s Clio lives between the two worlds of spirit and matter. She is compelled to observe as objectively as possible all that happens on the earth plane. He has discovered that all of this information is reflected symbolically on the “doorway in the Capitol leading towards its center.” This doorway symbolically represents “the notion of the center doorway, which penetrates the two worlds and permits ingress from the heavenly into the earthly. It is therefore equated with a door of life.”
The mention of the connection of time to the opposite sign of Pisces reminded me of the Dendera Zodiac. I first learned of this mysterious artifact in a documentary concerning 2012. Gregg Braden mentioned the Dendera Zodiac in reference to Fractal Time from his book Fractal time: the Secret of 2012 and a New World Age
I found it particularly interesting that “a master mason” was involved in the removal of the Dendera Zodiac to France. This is because as David Ovason shows masons, especially master masons were well-versed in astrology. Mr. Braden’s observations on the Dendera Zodiac led me to discover a deeper message hidden in the Dendera Zodiac. He related that: “There is an inordinate amount of space between the Piscean fishes and the Aquarian water-bearer that is sometimes called the anomaly or discontinuity between the two signs…”

The information that the distance between Pisces and Aquarius is disproportionate to the rest of the sun-signs is puzzling. Because as I said if the prophecies are correct then the Age of Pisces is 148 years less than a normal precessional age. Wondering if there was a direct correlation between the difference in the number of days in February and the number of years in the Age of Pisces, I asked Craig to help me out with the math. He reported that February is approximately 7% shorter than the average length of a month and if we take off 7% from the normal 2,160 years of a precessional age we arrive at 2008.80. Is it a coincidence that 2008 just happens to be the year we launched the Know Thyself Initiative?
To me if you couple the number of days for February with the shorter length for the Age of Pisces then the message is this age would be shorter. As for the Dendera Zodiac, if Gregg Braden is correct then maybe the “inordinate amount of space between the Piscean fishes and the Aquarian water-bearer” is referring to the transfer to Globe E, which begins in 2012.

Before I move on to my next subject there is just one more thing I would like to add about the Age of Pisces being 148 years shorter. After Craig did the math for me, he reminded me that Jesus related the mention of the need to shorten the days in the Fullness of time, when in Matthew 24:22 he said: “And except those days be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”
Although Pisces is associated with The Christ, in this thesis The Universal Christ is associated with the sun-sign Virgo together with its ruling planet Chiron. However, Chiron is not a planet, but a planetoid. In thinking about this, I remembered the importance of the Seven Sacred Planets: The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn represented by 7 of the Tarot’s Major Arcana. Nonetheless, it is The Hermit that represents the Universal Christ, with Chiron the astrological archetype. This was curious because The Sun is most often connected with The Universal Christ as the Sun-Christ behind the Sun, so what was Chiron’s role? It was then I remembered the different levels in the Soul Plane and that The Christ had many levels. In 1977 when Chiron was discovered the planetoid symbolized The Christ as the archetype preparing Humanity for His energetic return April 4th 1994, whereas, it was the Sun-Christ represented by His astrological archetype The Sun that burst through the “door” of my heart into the mass consciousness.
Another thing I was reminded of was that the planet Pluto was recently downgraded from a planet to a planetoid. This is also significant, because the planet Pluto archetypally represents the “Shadow.”
Before Pluto was “demoted” there were nine planets in the Solar System, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Afterwards there was only eight. However, I discovered that even this eventuality was inspired, because it identified a change spiritually. In numerology the number 9 is the number of completion and by reducing the number of planets in the Solar System to eight, we have unconsciously made The Sacred planet, the Sun or rather the Sun-Christ the 9th orb.
Number 9 as I have repeatedly said represents Card 9 - The Hermit, which also represents Divine Will and Spirit. So once again, human beings through inspiration are reflecting the importance of The Hermit. Moreover, as both Chiron and Pluto are planetoids they symbolize the two forces of the “Light” and the “Shadow.”

In compiling this thesis I have continually been confronted with the same misconception of God’s role in life and death situations. I found it staggering how many people believe that when ever someone dies it is God’s Will; no matter how they die. I knew this teaching was detrimental to spiritual progress, as it takes away personal responsibility. However, how detrimental the misconception was did not hit home until the other day when I was moved to watch the movie Amish Grace.
The movie is the true story of the shooting of 10 Amish young girls in their school house of which 5 of them died. The murderer was not Amish, but knew the community as he worked with the Amish as a milk-truck driver. Evidently, Charlie (the murderer) was angry at God for “taking” his baby girl, who was stillborn.
I was struck by the Amish’s belief that it was God’s will that the five girls who died did not survive. However, what moved me the most was the utter shock and confusion of the killer’s (Charlie) wife Marie over her husband’s actions. Like the Amish she too believed that he would go to Hell for the crime and could not understand how her husband could have chosen hell over his family.

Nonetheless, as the title Amish Grace portrays, the main focus of the film was on the Amish’s belief in forgiveness and the struggle for one young mother whose daughter was one of the victims to follow that mandate. The Amish displayed extraordinary commitment to the practice of forgiveness, which they carried to the point of attending Charlie’s funeral en masse.
Although both Craig and I were impressed with the Amish’s ability to forgive Charlie, we were saddened by both Charlie and the Amish’s belief that God was responsible for the deaths. We felt that had someone been able to explain to Charlie that the soul of his baby girl had decided not to re-enter the world at that time and not that God had “called” her home, he would have been able to accept the situation. With a deeper understanding of the freewill choice of most souls (suicides do not have a choice as they will re-incarnate immediately) of when they incarnate, there is less grief in the loss. Charlie might have even seen that his daughter’s soul would come to him later.
This tragic incident may have been avoided as Charlie by all accounts was a loving husband and father. From the consciousness perspective, the “lie” that God decides who lives and dies is untenable for the spirit, which knows this is untrue. Somewhere in Charlie he knew that what he was taught did not make sense and it created a conflict in him which eventually caused a psychotic break. As for the Amish, the reason the young mother had such a problem forgiving Charlie and was so tormented was her spirit again knew that God had not ordained her daughter’s death and it was the freewill choice of Charlie.

We can trace the destruction caused with making every eventuality the Will of God throughout history as this thesis demonstrates. The Crusades and many other wars were sanctioned by the Church, claiming the soldiers were warriors for God. To reiterate what I was told: The only righteous war the Human Race has fought was WWII, because we were fighting spiritual evil. This statement appears to contradict Jesus’ injunction to resist not evil, however, when Jesus made the statement he was referring to human evil, not spiritual. Nonetheless, there is a very powerful lesson in Jesus’ injunction to “Resist Not Evil,” so what did Jesus mean?
The renowned Deepak Chopra perfectly explains it in his book The Third Jesus, which Craig and I really enjoyed. I was delighted to find an article concerning this injunction from Deepak on the web site The excerpt below sums up his position on Jesus’ meaning of the injunction “Resist Not Evil”:

"Resist not evil," if carried out in real life, would lead to a society of forgiveness. Horrendous notion! If we went around forgiving everybody, either they'd completely take over and dominate us or they might forgive us in return. This second option, which Jesus perhaps had in mind, is so unthinkable that the first option is the only one society considers viable. To forgive, as we now view it, is to show weakness, and those who show weakness deserve what they get: Evil will overrun them…

Although it seems from the article that Deepak Chopra is angry and is writing to condemn society, his assessment of the meaning of Jesus’ injunction to “resist not evil” is correct. However, in the case of WWII we were not dealing with human evil, although it was carried out by human beings; the world was dealing with a malevolent force created from the ugliest emotions and thoughts of the mass consciousness in physical form. This was why WWII was considered a “righteous war,” but wasn’t Napoleon also the embodiment of the “prince of this world”? Of course the answer is yes, but Napoleon still had a spirit and although he did not reflect it, there was still good in him; this was not the case in Adolph Hitler.

Anyway, WWII aside, from the spiritual perspective it is always beneficial to “resist not evil” and to forgive, because as Deepak Chopra says the evildoer “might forgive us in return.” However, the practice to “resist not evil” has a far more important role in Spiritual Evolution, which is demonstrated in the 3rd film in inspired trilogy of films The Matrix. For those people who have not seen The Matrix, according to its entry on Wikipedia:

In the dystopia (Note: Dystopia is Ancient Greek for a negative version of Utopia, in which society has degraded into a repressive, controlled state.), Earth is dominated by sentient machines. Humans are grown in pods and are connected by cybernetic implants to an artificial reality called the Matrix, which keeps their minds under control while the machines use the bioelectricity and thermal energy of their bodies as an energy source.
The virtual reality world simulated by the Matrix resembles human civilization around the turn of the 21st century…As this environment is practically indistinguishable from reality…the majority of humans connected to the Matrix are unaware of its true nature. Most of the central characters in the series know that it is not 'real' and as a result can partially bend the simulation's physical laws in order to perform superhuman feats within the simulation.

As I said, the most important lesson is in the final film of the trilogy, but to give you the background, here is my synopsis as I saw them. We meet the hero Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) when he begins to sense something is not right in the virtual world (Matrix) and meets the mysterious Morpheus (played by Laurence Fishburne) who offers him two pills; one red and one blue. Neo is told if he takes the blue one he will remain connected to the Matrix, but if he takes the red one, he will wake up in the real world to join a society of awakened people in rebellion with the machines.
The rebels or the awakened navigate through the underground tunnels in the “real world” in kind-of submarines. They also periodically hook back up to the Matrix and help mystical people in the virtual world. As Neo learns to manipulate the virtual world, he learns to defy the laws of physics by flying and moving at lightening speed. The villain or villains of the trilogy are in the form of programs that monitor the Matrix for anyone who appears to be awake.
In the second film called the Matrix Reloaded, Neo’s nemesis Mr. Smith begins to take over as the lead monitoring program. While in the Matrix when Smith finds Neo he takes over the body of a nearby person and becomes a carbon copy of Smith to attack Neo and his friends. It is Neo’s relationship with Smith that provides the greatest lesson.
In the third and final film of the trilogy called Matrix Revolutions, the Smith program has succeeded in taking over the consciousness of one of the people awake. When he wakes up on board the submarine that Neo is on he blinds him and sabotages the heroes by helping the machines to attack Zion. Neo although blind can see the energy emitted from people and machines.
Travelling topside to confront the head machine, Neo is encased in machines and wires. Meanwhile in Zion, the rebels have fallen back to the last stronghold and are about to be overrun, when suddenly the attacking machines stop. While encased in wires Neo consciously finds himself back in the Matrix in tact facing hundreds of Smith programs, which he begins to fight. The more he fights the Smiths; the more Smiths manifest until in one tremendous explosion Neo finds himself face-to-face with one Smith in a large crater, while hundreds of other Smiths look on.
At this point Neo stops fighting and allows the Smith to pass into him offering no resistance as Smith transforms Neo into another Smith. After the transformation Neo/Smith begins emanating a white light, which grows brighter and brighter. Then there is a blinding light and the next scene is of the world at sun-rise in peaceful tranquility.

The spiritual lesson in the third film is important, because it reveals that Smith was the shadow or ego of Neo and the more he fought him the more energy or Smiths were thrown at him. This is exactly, what Jesus meant by “resist not evil” and demonstrates the purpose of this historical part of the thesis. In order to transform, we must first recognize and identify the “Shadow” first historically in people and world events and then in ourselves. Once we have identified it in ourselves we must like Neo embrace it and not fight it, because fighting the “Shadow” only makes it stronger. How we embrace the ego is described in the first division of the thesis the two-part study in archetypes and The Mysteries, Spiritual Evolution: Or From the Fool to the Hermit. Consequently, I think it will help if I relate the relevant excerpts from part two that best describe how an individual transforms their ego or “shadow” side:

The process of transforming the human will into the Divine Will takes place at the microcosmic level; i.e., within the individual human being. However, after the self-conscious or human will has transformed into the Divine Will, it then transforms the heart. The sign of affinity over both the figures’ heads in card 1 – The Magician (Self-conscious) and card 8 – Strength (Transformed Heart) depict this.
The woman in Strength is the transformed Empress, and it is through the interpretation of card 8 – Strength at the macrocosmic level that reveals the connection of Daath. The key is in The Holy Spirit being within the heart. What occurs on a microcosmic level when the human will transforms into the Divine Will is the complete integration of all parts of the consciousness in the human being.
The importance of this was revealed to me while watching Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles. The dialogue has a character refer to the famous words that were inscribed on the front of the Temple of Apollo. I was aware of “Know Thyself” but the character relates that the complete inscription was “Know Thyself and Thou Shall Know All The Mysteries of the Gods and the Universe” Consequently, the Ancient Wisdom was saying that when the human being becomes aware of how he thinks, The Mysteries would be revealed.
…This means the union of the Self-conscious (Magician), the Universal Sub-conscious (The High Priestess), the Individual Sub-conscious (Empress), and the Reason (Emperor). It also means incorporating all three levels of the Higher Self (1st-Hierophant), (2nd-Lovers & Sun) and (3rd-Chariot). When all eight elements of the human consciousness are integrated, the human will becomes the Divine Will, which is also represented by card 1 – The Magician. The process of transforming the human will into the Divine Will, neutralizes the counterfeit spirit, which is key to Spiritual Evolution.


It is the Magician as the Divine Will, its highest level that transforms the heart, which releases the neutral feminine/passive aspect of The Holy Spirit within the heart. However, Daphna Moore says that when the heart is transformed it becomes a volitional organ; i.e., masculine or active. What all this is revealing is when the human being fully integrates and transforms the heart, the axiom As above, so below becomes the reality. To elucidate further, it concerns The Christ being the neutral masculine/active aspect of Spirit and The Holy Spirit the neutral feminine/passive aspect of spirit. They both represent the Spirit that is referred to as, “God is Spirit.” This is the “above” or the macrocosm. The “below” or microcosm is reflected in the human being through the activation of The Holy Spirit through the transformed heart.
Earlier, I related that the process of integrating the eight aspects of the human consciousness neutralizes the counterfeit spirit. Nonetheless, it hasn’t completely transmuted it. That occurs through the transformed heart becoming masculine or active. When the heart becomes active, The Holy Spirit rejoins her partner, The Christ and the true ruler of Spiritual Evolution. I related that I was mistaken when I thought that the Christ-consciousness within us was the same as the Christ. I had also equated the highest aspect of The Magician, the Divine Will with the Christ.
Although the Divine Will is connected to The Christ, it isn’t the purest and therefore the strongest representation. No I needed to find another representation in the Tarot for The Christ. If the Divine Will is connected to The Christ then it seemed to me that the Will was important. It was in remembering that Card 9 – The Hermit represents both the Will and the Spirit that gave me the answer…As I related Daath is the door between all the planes, and so as The Spirit is the door to the kingdom within, The Hermit or Spirit combines with Daath as The Empress and Holy Spirit. When this occurs the counterfeit spirit is transmuted and absorbed by the Spirit…
Remembering that The Magician (Self Conscious) has become The Hermit, (Spirit) helps to uncover the first prerequisite to returning to Spirit. The Magician (Self-conscious) has become the Divine Will and co-creator.
The second prerequisite concerns both Strength and Justice. Ms. Moore relates that the erect serpent, symbolized by the Hebrew letter Lamed represents, “…the rising of the Kundalini, the SERPENT FORCE, from her coiled position at the base of the spine…” This is the raising of the sex force from physical use for the body to use as mental force to transform the heart. So the second pre-requisite is a transformed heart.

Throughout my investigation, I came to understand that the term kundalini for the “sex-force” that is raised to the mental level has been usurped. From the mystic “G’s” interpretation in P.D. Ouspensky’s book In Search of the Miraculous, I had identified the kundalini as the counterfeit spirit. Consequently, it is not the kundalini that is raised, but rather the Life-Force, which is the Christ-consciousness. To recap from Section 7:

“I identified the “sex-force” with the Christ-consciousness. However, it is important for me to clearly state that raising the sex-force also known as Hieros Gamos equates to awakening and activating this divine consciousness within us. Still, it is one thing to know that we need to raise the sex-force to the mental level in order to transform and quite another to describe how it is done. The wonderful thing is that there are no special ceremonies involved, it simply happens as a result of the individual changing the way they think. I thought long and hard how I could best describe exactly what I mean by raising the sex-force. In meditating on the problem, I was reminded of the thrill or “goose-bumps” I got whenever I made a breakthrough in understanding. It was then that I understood that the “high” or shiver up the spine is the sex-force raising or rather the Christ-consciousness awakening. So when you hear the Truth and realize the spirit within you that feeling is you connecting to God.”

Returning to the gifted Daphna Moore’s explanation of the three prerequisites for spiritual transformation, she relates that the third prerequisite is found in the Major Arcana card, Temperance. As was written:

The final prerequisite to return to Spirit is symbolized by the two symbols of the snake swallowing its tail and the symbol for infinity. Daphna Moore says, “…the serpent swallowing its tail has two outstanding meanings. The first is eternity-timelessness…In Samekh (Temperance) time has become timeless…The second outstanding meaning…symbolizes the end of a cycle. This card is the end of a series of Laws stated by the second row of the Tarot Tableau.” So the third prerequisite is to recognize the illusion of time.
In addition, as stated Ms. Moore tells us that the Angel in the card Temperance is another aspect of The Hierophant. Because The Emperor’s (Reason) secret number is 14, card No. 4 - The Emperor, like The Hierophant is also associated with Temperance.
Ms. Moore says that The Emperor and Strength represent the “solar fire”; whereas Temperance represents the “lunar current of this fire.” She explains, “Alchemic Fire is divided into two specialized currents, one called Fire and the other called Water, but they are the same Force. This is shown by the fact that both are symbolized by the equilateral triangle. The Lunar Fire enters through the Pituitary…The Solar Fire enters through the Transformed Heart…When you complete the Fire action in your body, you are released from three-dimensional consciousness…”

The importance of the Tarot Trumps to carry archetypal messages is vital to the 777,000 to transform. Colors and images affect us at the deepest level and can trigger a remembrance from pre-incarnation knowledge. I have repeatedly said that everything I have uncovered is known to everyone and that we have simply forgotten it. This is why the colors and the images for the Triple 7 Center website were so carefully chosen. However, neither Craig nor I chose either the images or colors; we were merely the facilitators of the Divine forces that guided us to create what they wanted. I discussed this concept in Section 7 under the term objective art. It was while reading P.D. Ouspensky –IN SEARCH OF the MIRACULOUS, FRAGMENTS OF AN UNKNOWN TEACHING that we learned the difference between subjective and objective art. The mystic “G” says that:

“The difference between objective art and subjective art is that in objective art the artist really does ‘create,’ that is…he puts into his work whatever ideas and feelings he wants to put into it. And the action of this work upon men is absolutely definite, they will…receive the same ideas and the same feelings that the artist wanted to transmit to them…In subjective art everything is accidental. The artist…does not create; with him ‘it creates itself.’ This means that he is in the power of ideas, thoughts, and moods…over which he has no control.”

Apart from color and symbols, the Divine forces use numbers to help us connect on a deeper level. A good example is found in the number 16. In Section 4 I addressed the importance of the number 16 in respect to Globe D. To recap:

“…there is a valuable message hidden in the secret value of card 6 The Lovers being 16. This tells us that The Lovers are connected to card 16 The Tower. As the Lovers card is an allegory for the Garden of Eden, the connection to the card that represents the planet Mars is saying there is a connection in the allegory that the two cards represent.
The Lovers in the Garden of Eden in card 6 are the Self-Conscious and the Individual Subconscious or The Magician and The Empress. In card 16 The Tower, which represents the planet Mars, the two Lovers are shown falling headlong from the tower, which is allegorically alluding to the “fall”. Mars Archetypally is the epitome of the active/masculine force or the Adversary. The message the creators of the Tarot wanted to portray with connecting the two cards through the number 16 was that sixteen is connected to the struggle between Light and Darkness.
The relevance of the struggle between “Light” and “Shadow” and the number 16 becomes even more apparent with the “invention” of the game of chess, or checkers. This board game is played on a board divided into two sides of 16 black squares and 16 white squares. Moreover, each player uses either 16 white pieces or 16 black pieces. As I said, as “Globe D was isolated from the rest of evolution, it could act as a kind of playing field or checkerboard for both sides to vie for supremacy over the Human Race, and therefore all creation.”

Although the information in Spiritual Evolution: Or From the Fool to the Hermit may appear a little too impractical to use in everyday life, it isn’t. We can use the archetypes in the Tarot to affect changes in the way we think, which causes a shift in consciousness. This concept was unthinkable until recently. However, with the release of Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol17, a scientific perspective has become well-known. That science is Noetics and Mr. Brown perfectly describes its potential in his book. Consequently I have selected the most relevant excerpts:

“Experiments at facilities like the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in California and the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR) had categorically proven that human thought, if properly focused, had the ability to affect and change physical mass. There experiments were no ‘spoon-bending’ parlor tricks, but rather highly controlled inquires that all produced the same extraordinary result: our thoughts actually interacted with the physical world, whether or not we knew it, effecting change all the way down to the subatomic realm…
Recently, studies in mass meditation and prayer had produced similar results in Random Event Generators, fuelling the claim that human consciousness as Noetic author Lynne McTaggart described it, was a substance outside the confines of the body…a highly ordered energy capable of changing the physical world…
Human thought can literally transform the physical world.
In the words of Lynne McTaggart: ‘Living consciousness somehow is the influence that turns the possibility of something into something real. The most essential ingredient in creating our universe is the consciousness that observes it.’
...Intention was a learned skill. Like meditation, harnessing the true power of ‘thought’ required practice. More important…some people were born more skilled at it than others. And throughout history, there had been those few who had become true masters.
This is the missing link between modern science and ancient mysticism.” 18

For those of you that have not read the novel, which we highly recommend, the plot centers around a villain seeking “godhood.” The villain forces the hero, Robert Langdon, to help him locate the secret hiding place of The Mysteries by threatening the life of Langdon’s friend. Leaving fiction aside for now, although The Mysteries are not “hidden” in any corporeal location and the very nature of the “villain” would preclude his access to them, Dan Brown’s connecting the modern science of Noetics to the Ancient Mysteries is extremely topical at this time. The official website of Noetics IONS – Institute of Noetic Sciences has:

The word "noetic" comes from the Greek word nous, for which there is no exact equivalent in English. It refers to "inner knowing" or a kind of intuitive consciousness—direct and immediate access to knowledge beyond what is available to our normal senses and power of reason. As defined by psychologist-philosopher William James in 1902, noetic refers to “states of insight into depths of truth unplumbed by the discursive intellect. They are illuminations, revelations, full of significance and importance, all inarticulate though they remain; and as a rule they carry with them a curious sense of authority…”

On the page Research and Education of the IONS web site, the Institute’s work is summed up in the first paragraph: “The institute’s work is dedicated to transforming contemporary worldviews on the relationship between consciousness and matter. The implications of our empirical research and community education efforts extend far beyond the laboratory and the lecture hall. Indeed, our work speaks to a shift involving humanity's deepest knowing and understanding of ourselves and our universe.

Another important non-fictional subject mentioned in Dan Brown’s book is Lynne McTaggart’s The Intention Experiment. On her website she explains the goal of The Intention Experiment:

The Intention Experiment is a series of scientifically controlled, web-based experiments testing the power of intention to change the physical world. Thousands of volunteers from 30 countries around the world have participated in the Intention Experiments thus far.
Lynne McTaggart, architect of the experiments, is working with leading physicists and psychologists from the University of Arizona, Princeton University, the International Institute of Biophysics, Cambridge University and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. These experiments are being run at McTaggart’s seminars and conferences and on the web, and have produced extraordinary results.
This is not about sending intentions to make a million dollars.
The targets are only philanthropic: healing wounds, helping children with attention deficit or patients with Alzheimer’s, counteracting pollution and global warming.

The fact that these experiments are being carried out is evidence that Humanity is ready to change course. What is truly remarkable is that the process can be applied to pollution and global warming. It is all about intention. When we show intention, we access Divine help, which literally aids us in our daily lives. This is not manifestation as it does not apply to material prosperity, but rather the Divine assists us to fulfill our purpose in life. In this way, if large numbers of people demonstrate altruism by volunteering and working together then the Divine Realm’s energy becomes available. For this reason we have asked people to donate $10 to register for the Initiative to be used to help the homeless and feed the hungry. Your donations show intent and facilitate the success of the programs.
All of the above can be achieved by every person on the Earth. However, the role the 777,000 has can have a far more reaching impact. This is because they will be applying the most important application of The Mysteries. On the Nostradamus’ connection to the Jerusalem Event page we explain that affecting consciousness on a global scale, such as pollution and global warming involves a shift in the frequency of the participant’s thoughts, as in the "need to alter their perspective on the composition of reality." The key is in understanding that we all collectively create our reality on a daily level.
On the Nostradamus connection to Jerusalem page, we said that the 777,000 individuals “become the light of peace and hope transmuting the darkness of ignorance and fear…The focused thoughts have to coincide with the change of frequency generated by the thoughts of the individuals, which is affected by not what they think, but the way they think. This was the main purpose for The Mysteries, to teach individuals to change the way they think in order to affect matter on a global scale.”
The information above provides the practical application of the Know Thyself Initiative and this brings the first part in the Second Coming of the Universal Christ full circle, as everything is now in place for the 777,000 to come forward and take their place in the Initiative.

The most amazing thing for me was the pure synchronous way the thesis came together, all the information I was led to fit perfectly with the premise of the thesis. Nothing needed to be forced; each book only enhanced my understanding further. Speaking of which, there are no words to adequately describe how much I appreciate the hundreds of author’s contribution to my mission. You were all truly inspired and your dedication and research provided the data to support the hypothesis behind the thesis and saved me years by encapsulating your contribution into coherent theories. Your work has brought the Truth to Light; Thank You.

Despite all of the terrible events and tragedies I have covered in this final part of the thesis, one aspect gave me great hope. That was the fact that the mystical side of all six major religions including – Christianity, Judaism, Islamicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Native wisdom are needed for The Mysteries. The simple fact is all religions hold sacred threads woven into the tapestry of Truth. This powerful revelation is all inclusive and involves every nationality in the world, I cannot think of a better way to unite the world under one focus; can you?

If we also take into consideration the possibility that we all live multiple lives, in both genders and in every race and religion then that also removes division. Ultimately, this thesis was designed to reveal that every “evil” in the world is basically created by the Human Race and that we can easily fix it simply with our intent to recognize the energy and consciousness of suffering and brutality cannot exist without fear, anger and hatred. However, the most important thing I learned in writing this thesis is the illusion of separateness. Essentially, the One Campaign has got it right, we are all connected and pain and suffering is caused from division.

As I reached the end of this thesis there was one more question I had left to ask. “Why if obelisks (Full Circle: Part One) represented the “Shadow” did the Founding Fathers use one in the Federal Triangle?” Then I was reminded of how in Section 8 I wrote that Gian Bernini had transmuted the energy of the obelisks in Rome through manipulating the elements/emotions. Suddenly, I understood what the founders’ achieved; they aligned the Washington Monument with the most powerful star, Spica, which literally represents The Divine Feminine and The Universal Christ. As obelisks represented the World Soul before his cleansing in Globe D, an obelisk’s energy could be transmuted and used by the “Light.” Brilliantly this is exactly what the founders did; they usurped a tool of the “Shadow” to benefit Humanity. With this realization the connection of Washington D.C. to Washington State was brought in. I wrote in Section 10 that David Ovason related hermeticists viewed Cancer as representing “a sort of gateway between higher and lower worlds.” This point reveals the founders and the “Light” always intended Washington State to be connected to Washington D.C. In other words, it was never Plan B, but instead Plan A.
The founders had mirrored the skies on the ground by placing 3 key buildings in exact alignment with 3 stars to form the Federal Triangle; symbolizing the axiom As, above, so Below, or the Microcosm (ground) mirroring the Macrocosm (sky). Nonetheless, with the 3 mountains of Washington State exactly reflecting the Federal Triangle, a third component was brought in; only this one is natural not man-made. As the palladium was originally Greek, I knew the natural connection was the oldest and therefore the purest. Accepting that Washington D.C. represents the Microcosm and the 3 stars, the Macrocosm, then the 3 mountains would be the bridge between the two. This makes sense as the site of the Know Thyself Initiative (KTI) falls within the 3 mountains triangle and as I said demonstrates “the sacred relic of the palladium has become the energy and consciousness of Wisdom…” Consequently, I believe Washington State was always intended to be connected to Washington D.C. to reveal The Mysteries. Moreover, by making the obelisk in D.C. reflect Mt. Rainier; the closest mountain to the site of the Know Thyself Initiative, the energy connection is even greater. KTI acting as the bridge between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm is epitomized by it existing in the mass consciousness (web) or Mind-Stuff between spirit and matter.

Today a critical mass of Humanity has reached the stage of being able to have direct communication with God. These are the 777,000 individuals who are destined to transform the world. This began on April 4th 1994 when The Universal Christ energetically re-entered the mass consciousness to connect with His Body and awaken them to their mission. Each individual mission is unique and known only to its facilitator; however, everyone involved will have to investigate their beliefs and conceptions; examining them objectively and being prepared to discard faulty thinking. I know that my spiritual brothers and sisters are out there and so I ask that as you are reading this, you take a moment to consider if you might be one of the 777,000. - Namaste and I wish you all Shalom, Salaam and the peace of God that passeth all understanding. - Suzzan
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